I ended up fooling myself again

Entrapped in my own lies

That I held so deeply to my heart

I repainting everything to what I wanted it to be

I fitted it so that I couldn't see everything was jammed in together

That it was forced entirely

When I thought you felt the same way

You were always there for me

You kept me from falling into my own pit despair

Because I knew you were the one person who cared

It was a façade…all of it in the name of obligation

You never cared for me

I was just your responsibility as I heard you say

While you told your friends

And laughed

As if I was some child

Without knowing I heard every word that you spoke

Until you caught my eyes watching you

The laugher died as I felt my feet pushing me away

To drown myself into nothingness

I didn't even hear you calling me back describing your regret

It was all fake, like the world that you spun for me