Give up


I remember hearing those words

From your mouth and your eyes

I kept going despite all the shit you threw me

I wanted to spite you

I wanted to make you eat back all your words

But it just made me miserable

When I finally finished the race covered in layers of mud

Dragging me down

I realized, it was all pointless

You still give me those words sometimes

And it affects me as much as it did in the past

Sometimes I think I should have followed those orders

It led me down a road of regret and unnecessarily pains

I didn't expect finally crossing across layers of hardships

Would lead to more instead of my perceived paradise

I look at my dusted off trophy and throw it back at you

Winning it was useless

Losing it will unshackle me and let me be the real winner

I'm just sorry it will be given to someone else and be their burden