Your eyes are turning blank as stone

No sign of life in those dull rocks

No longer pretty as diamonds

Eyelids close with solid locks

Why oh why did you throw away

The life you led for such a lie

What happened to wanting it all

Did it go up in smoke when you got high?

Why didn't you stop to think

About what might have happened

To all those that loved you

And those who wished to be your friend

I used to look up to you

Until I saw your eyes go blank

I learned I could not trust you

So you I have to thank

I never thought I'd see you

So high you could not make sense

I thought you were smarter

How could I have been so dense

I should have realized when you

Started hanging out with the wrong crowd

That nothing good could ever come

But I didn't and I'm not proud

Never again will your life be

As it had been when you had it all

The poison you consumed

Kills you slowly as you fall.