Go into the bathroom and gaze

At the writing on the wall

The suicidal notes in blood

That sad girls chose to scrawl

Read those story telling notes

And tell me you don't cry

At girls being raped by dads

And wishing they could die

Did you cry when you read

That her best freind called her fat

And told her to fall off a cliff?

How could you not cry at that

What about when you saw

Crimson stained razer blades

Resting peacefully on the ledge

Do you realize that blood carries aids?

How many girls do you think

Wrote their last breaths

On that wall before they died

What's left of their deaths

How can you smile after knowing this?

That girls are slowly crumbling

That they can't see too far ahead

And on the path they're stumbling

Now you've seen the crimson writing

That broken souls wrote in blood

So sad these girls that tried and failed

And were drowned withen the flood.