I Hate You

I hate you.

I hate your smile.
Your smirk. As if
you knew something
I did not.

I hate how
you're always right.
And I'm always

I hate how
you always manage
to get your way.
Even if I'm not
willing to give it.

I hate how
no matter how much
I scream at you,
you're always

I hate how
even though I am
the most stubborn
person in the world,
you always make me

I hate how
you look at me
with those clear
blue eyes.
It makes me

But even worse,

I hate how
I look at you
with such longing
that you see me as

And maybe I am.

I hate how
now that you're gone
all I can do is

I hate all those
tears I shed for you.
Because no matter
how many fall from
my face, you're still

I hate that
I miss you
even though you're

I hate how much
I love you.