Work the palms, press them in…

Those merciless palms kneading me


Pushing every last ounce of my resolve, of my being

In every direction

"We need to utilize the dough to its maximum potential!"

Yes, my maximum potential has

Long Ceased

Just like those ancient, chewed-up plastic toys,

So used up that even the MADE IN CHINA stamp is

worn and faded

And they DEMAND


and a PRETTY SMILE from me!


Why should I PITY YOU?

I hardly know you

I don't want to understand your JUSTIFICATIONS

for your accursed P-I-T-Y

pity…I can feel a spitball bouncing off my tongue at the last syllable

Oh woe, woe, woe…..

a two folded diamond

many faceted,

glimmering no longer shades of mud red and blanched green

You know that gut-wrenching

(oh, it's so cliché!)

marrow pinching cut?

That sullen, malicious, disappointment

Raping your bedroom door

Desiring to probe further

And all you can do is sigh and hang your proud head saying

"Oh, I knew it all along. Et tu, Bedroom Door Rape Fiend. I knew it the whole time you were watching me with eager yellow eyes."

And when Bedroom Door Rape Fiend finally exhausts the door and

TOWERS over you,

You realize you have not a

rock in your hand to pommel at it, nor any hands for that matter

Bedroom Door Rape Fiend tears them off like plastic wrap.

"It's notREAL, it's just a DREAM, a figment of DESPAIR!"

Lying there so submissively is exceedingly easy when

Bedroom Door Rape Fiend

Glimmers like a beautiful, ungodly man with haunted eyes

willing to suck all your spirit and

undress your body

"Too bad you banged the door to hard on the way in, Bedroom Door Rape Fiend,

my mom might see."