Her dark hazel eyes were closed as if in deep meditation but she was all too aware of the reality surrounding her. Able to stand the silence no longer, the tall woman rose from her position sitting cross-legged on the bed to walk to the large window and push the misty violet curtains aside.

A sea of black shadow below her, a wall of looming black trees before her, the woman mused that the back lawn looked rather bleak in the night. Raising the window high to let in the sweet spring air, she rested her elbows on the window sill and laid her chin in her hands to stare out at the Montana woods.

The faint sound of footsteps on the stairs didn't cause her to start nor turn though a small smile played across her lips. Her eyes remained fixed on the silver orb in the velvet black sky as her smile grew. The door opened with barely a creek then closed again with a quiet click.

"She presents an ethereal picture" he said as he placed his hand on her thin shoulder.

Turning from the window, the woman faced her lover but didn't throw her arms around him as she wanted to.

"Playing the serene seductress are we?" he asked half jokingly as he wound a lock of her hair around his fingers.

"Always" she replied before gleefully leaping into his embrace.

He caught her light form and held her tight against him, glad to see her again. They smiled at one another, their eyes bright with happiness and love.

"I've missed you" he whispered in her ear while his fingers ran through her thick hair.

"I've missed you too Jeremy" she responded before pressing her lips softly to his.