They sat by the river in the woods as twilight fell around them. Fire lit the trees and shadows grew and deepened as the Sun sunk lower in the mid May sky. The water reflected the flames lighting the sky as their quiet laughter carried across the river.

Her golden wedding band glinted in the setting Sun as she reached to cup the cool water in her hands. The silver heart gleamed and flashed in the light as she turned to face him.

"I love you, do you know that?" she asked, looking up at him adoringly.

"I know. I love you too" he replied softly.

She traced her fingers over a patch of mud in the bank where once, she'd written a short poem. His eyes followed her fingers and he too remembered the words she'd once written.

"That was so stupid, the fighting and what we said to each other." He mused.

"Wasn't it though?" she agreed smiling.

They shared a serene smile at the memory of that long ago time and she fell silent again as her eyes stared out at the trees.

As the moon rose to take the place of the dying Sun, Kina took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Come with me" she breathed as she pulled him toward their house where their two children lay sleeping contentedly.

"Yes mam" he replied as he followed her.


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