You say my lies are jaded, but the truth is farther than you might think. Take a closer glance. Show me those vibrant blue eyes that you hide in darkness. Kiss me softly and pretend everything is alright again. I miss that. I miss you. More than I should. I know you loved me. I saw it in your eyes. The way you smiled after every kiss. How you held me and rocked me to sleep. Your strong hands so gently placed atop mine. How you reached around and kissed me, not caring that we both looked horrible from lack of sleep. How we could be so intimate, and yet immature at the same time. Flashbacks of you lying beside me make me shiver and want you that much m ore. I can't believe what I've felt when I'm with you. A simple mistake, an unfortunate event brought us together, and yet I can't seem to let you go. I know it's time. It's not our choice anymore. Hearing you say I Love You makes it that much more unfair. I will never let you go. I will find you. Give me your pain. I'll make it go away. I hate them for taking you away, and the truth is that I'd do anything to be yours forever. You told me it felt perfect, and believe me- it did. The depths of deception I'd go for you are insurmountable. You've done the same. You've already said so much just to protect me. I never thought things would work out in the end, but I guess they didn't. Our solitary fairy tale came to a crashing end, and now it's up to us to figure out what's left. Just remember: I love you. The only hope I'm left with- is the fact of knowing that you once loved me too.