A stupid little poem I wrote about my favorite Olympic athlete, Austria's Benni Raich (I'm not Austrian, by the way) :smiles: I wasn't at these Olympics, nor have I ever been to one, but I love them and I think they're great!

Benni Raich

I wave my red and white flag proudly

As I see him awaiting the bell.

He doesn't seem nervous,

Well, as far as I could tell.

He's definitely my favorite,

He brings pride to my nation,

He's on the front page of the paper

And on every news station.

He speeds down the hill

Going through every gate.

He's going to win the gold

For sure at this high-speed rate.

He reaches the bottom

And is greeted by his team.

They hold him up on their shoulders

As the fans start to scream.

He smiles widely

And throws his hands in the air

He takes off his hat

And runs his hand through his hair.

He deserved to win;

He was the favorite of many

After seeing this sweet and talented guy

How can you not love Benni?