She couldn't stand the silence,

She couldn't stand the tears,

She couldn't stand her life,

After only sixteen years.

He was her entire world,

She gave him all she possessed,

He did the same in return,

They were thought to be obsessed.

Their love couldn't be reached,

Couldn't be touched by any other,

They were all they needed,

They only wanted each other.

From two they became one,

They made each other whole,

They filled each other's voids,

They filled each other's souls.

Everything was perfect,

Everything was great,

Till one damning day,

They were told they'd have to wait.

Her parents were moving her,

To a distant place,

They'd be torn apart,

Couldn't see each other's face.

They swore they'd make it work,

Vowed to stay together,

Didn't care about the distance,

They'd be together forever.

She gave it all she had,

She did her very best,

But he still slipped away,

He didn't pass the test.

While she was thinking of him,

He had found another,

He said he couldn't do it,

He talked it over with his mother.

She was devastated,

Her heart was torn straight out,

She'd been such a fool,

She should have listened to her doubt.

From then on they stopped talking,

Never spoke again,

While he was with his new girl,

She was dreaming of him.

Every day she'd cry,

She tried to fight off all the pain,

But the hurting never stopped,

Just shot through every vein.

Months went by since the ending,

But she only grew worse,

She couldn't accept what happened,

This was love's curse.

It finally overtook her,

She couldn't stand it anymore,

She grabbed a picture of him,

And snuck out the front door.

She walked into the woods,

Found a secluded place,

Kept thinking of the past,

And how she'd been replaced.

Hours later she was found,

In a pool of her blood,

And beside her they found,

His picture in the mud.

On the back read her reason,

Why she took her life,

What he did to her,

It seemed he had held the knife.

Though physically he didn't kill her,

He tore her soul apart,

It was obvious how she did,

It was from a broken heart.