What Happened to the other Characters in Web of Lies?

I had a lot of people ask me this question, so I thought I would satisfy your curiosity with this last and final piece. I thought I would also add that I have no plans to make a sequel, but you never know. I could always change my mind. I thought that either Caysee or Amy would make a good main character for a sequel if and when one ever might come out.

Dana and Neil: Lived their lives out on a farm just outside of Splinter Bridge, having missed all the excitement from their absence. They always felt that there was a certain dark cloud over the town that would never dissipate and they were afraid to send their children—yes, children. They had three of them—to school in Splinter Bridge. They were afraid of what the environment would do to them. But the town seemed to have learned its lesson…at least, for a while.

Christine: Christine never went to school. She ended up marrying right outside of high school and having a couple of kids. She and her husband divorced after years of arguments. She remains a single, overworked mother right to this day and still believes that she was justified in her actions.

Travis: He left Splinter Bridge and went into the trades. He started his own company and became filthy rich. He still looks for the group, wanting his comeuppance. Despite all his efforts and the money he has thrown into the search, the group members have remained elusive and just out of reach to this day.

Jonas: Recovered well from his injuries and began to regret his past after his delirium had passed. Without Carl around to affect Jonas' judgment, he has changed dramatically. He cleaned himself up and no longer does drugs anymore. He apologized profusely to Amy Sanders for what he had done to her and offered to testify truthfully to how he had wronged her. However he had already been tried in court and found not guilty for the crime, so he couldn't be tried again. He never left Splinter Bridge, but he became an upstanding citizen.

April's mom: Became an inspirational speaker, talking to people everywhere about forgiveness and the healing process.

Those are the ones that people mentioned wanting to know more about. If you wanted to know the futures of any of the other characters, just drop me a note and I'll let you know.


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