"rewind" rewind everything let's go back to when we first met to when i could feel your eyes burn through my flesh as my fingers twined with his and she hung around your neck like a loose collar ; all in all, we were friends and every once in a while you couldwould scream in my face as you tugged at your collar wishing to break free and i'd just end up screaming back ihateyouihateyouihateyou and stupid me i didn't realize how my words cut you so dearly but my dear your words cut far more deeper than mine and iswore i swore i swore i-i-i would never heal but here i am reaching out to you(both of our collars have fallen off, leaving us free to be together but not tame enough to stay)and what the hell am i doing this time? but i guess its simpleitssimple its just that i… i…i think

I fell in love with you.