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This story starts with a dead frog.

To be exact, this dead frog was in the northwest corner of Whispering Oaks Academy, a selective high school overlooking the cheery Happy Trails forest on one side. Biology class for freshmen (the second-to-last one before Spring Break) had just started, and today they were going to discect -you guessed it- a frog. Everyone had paired off with their boyfriends or girlfriends, and best friends, and good friends. That was, everyone except Amy Jive.

It wasn't that Amy Jive was ugly or mean. No, she had grey eyes and curly brown hair that reached her shoulders, a couple of freckels, and she was of average height. She was somewhat a goody-two-shoes, an English girl without an accent, which was somewhat of a disappiontment. She was the kind of girl who got 99 on her midterm and never bragged. But she was not very outgoing and very kind and sympathetic. She was in choir and was a beautiful soprano. But on April twelfth, she was too timid to pick a partner, and of course no one 'popular' -and no one even geeky- had picked her. She was the last person in a class that was, that day, an odd number.

"Hmmm..." the teacher, Ms. Cuyky murmured, scratching her blonde hair that was too stiff from hairspray to move. She scanned the class as Amy sat, feeling helpless and lonely at her seat. "Anyone want to let Amy in their group? Derek? Kira? Tristan? No...?" she asked, her voice faltering. She was new and a lot like a doormat people ran over. Snickers and whispers were exchanged throughout the class, subtly.

Amy and Ms. Cuyky needed a distraction, and that's what they got. A tall boy with green eyes and red spiky hair coolly entered the classroom. It was bad-boy David Quickstep, the goalie on the soccer team, mischievous and with a cute Irish accent (which explained the red hair). The kind of guy who teased people and was popular and everyone liked anyways. Amy Jive held her breath, hoping, praying that he wouldn't be her partner. She strongly disapproved of...bad-boys such as David.

"Oh, perfect!" Ms. Cuyky exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "Mr. Quickstep, you may partner with Ms. Jive!" Now, as this is a big part of your grade, everyone take out your disection guideline sheet..."

"Ms. Cuyky!" David cried suddenly, sitting down next to Amy and not looking at her. "I need a pencil and a sheet."

"Oh, yes." she handed him a pencil and a guidelines sheet...and a tardy slip was taped to the pencil.

"Right, now, this is quite a diffucult incision, so one of you need to take a scalpel, and the other person needs to push down on your partners hand."

"Okay," Amy said, drawing in a sharp intake of breath. "I'll take the scalpel."

"Right," David responded. "Right."

Amy slowly took the scalpel and held it and David slowly took his muscular goalie hands and placed them over hers. Amy's heart exploded. Why was this guy affecting her like this? He didn't even know her name.

"So, Amy..." David said quietly. Scratch that. Amy thought. "Ready?" he continued, as if so much more than their grade was at stake.


One little frog.

So much in store.

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