It was like an explosion in the rain.

Both Amy and David were talking at once. Amy was saying thinks along the lines like

'How could you?' and "I ought to slap you' and David was trying to get a word in edgewise like 'Just hear me out' and also 'I know what you're thinking, and it's not true.'

"STOP!" David finally cried. His mouth opened so wide a little rain splashed inside.

"Why should I?" Amy asked as she crossed her arms defiantly.

"Because," David gasped in relief. "I can explain everything."

"Can you explain nasty rumors? Can you explain you telling everyone I'm a slut, and me hearing from Traci, Queen Bee of the Wannabees?" Amy spat.

"I did not tell everyone you're a slut." David said, his voice as cold as the rainy April day.

"Fine," Amy gave in. She sat down on the bench. "You explain your little story. I have time, but I think it's going to be wasted."

"When I was playing the very sweet love song of yours," David paused for a split second, but Amy didn't smile. "My next-door neighbor, who goes to Whispering Oaks, heard it and told who told his stepbrother, who told his best friend, who told his girlfriend, who told her cousin, who told Rex, who told Traci that you wrote the love song with the invitation to make out. Traci, actually, probably added the last bit by herself. She told you that I told my neighbor who told…never mind.

"I found out when Traci called me and told me that you said I was a dirty rotten little liar, which I would have called me too because you thought I spread the rumor." David finished.

"How do I know you didn't make this up?" Amy asked defensively.

"Because people just don't sit down and make these tings up." David responded quickly. "And if I was lying, I would have had a way better excuse."

Amy stared at him while the rain still came down on them in silence. Then she started laughing and crying at the same time. She ran up to David and hugged him.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered in his ear.

"You didn't know," he accepted, also in a whisper.

"But what are we going to do?" Amy asked when they broke. "I mean, you did ask me out. And now that we know both sides of one story…."

"I don't know. Maybe…too much has happened." David said quietly.

"What do you mean?" asked Amy, trying to conceal the sadness in her voice.

"Between us. Maybe we should just be friends." David suggested.

Amy bit her lip so hard she drew blood. It was to keep the tears from flowing like Niagara Falls, or like the heavy rain pelting down on her head and shoulders just then. After all that…

"Maybe you're right," she responded, not believing her own voice.

"Okay," David answered, his own voice low.

"It's just that…" Amy's voice trailed off, not daring to say what she thought.

"Just that what?" David asked. She was making him curious.

"Never mind." Amy looked at the ground, rain splattering.

"Please tell me, I really want to know." David pleaded.

"Alright." Amy said. She was blushing as red as a tomato and wiped the spot of blood off her lip. "Well, we decided to be friends right before I would have gotten my first kiss."

"Oh." David said, although to him it sounded pretty logical. "But you know…" he said.

"What?" asked Amy, just a little eagerness in her voice.

"It doesn't have to stay that way." David grinned, and so did Amy.

"Just one?" Amy inquired.

"Just one." David agreed.

Amy stood on her tiptoes and David lowered hiss neck just a little. It was simple, nothing heavy-duty. But it showed more emotions than some teenagers do in a year. When they broke apart, smiled, and kissed again.

With simply 'bye', both David and Amy walked away (well, the latter skipped) thinking- no, knowing- that someday, just someday, they would be more than just friends. And it all ended with


The End

Author's Note: If I get 15 reviews, I might write a sequel. We'll just wait and see!