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It was a beautiful fall day of September 1, 1939. The leaves were changing color and falling over Warzaw, drifting through the streets and attaching themselves to stalls and cars.

Rebekah was getting ready to go of to college, Oxford, in one week and making her last preparations. Her acceptance into Oxford was a huge deal to her family and community; it was not common for women to go to college, especially to one as prestigious as Oxford. In England, no less!

Rebekah laughed as her ten year old sister scrambled around their front yard attempting to jump into their pitiful pile of colorful leaves, most of which were scattered around on the grass.

"Rebekah! Rebekah! Look, look at me! I'm a bird! I'm flying!" Helen cried, her hair a mess and twigs and leaves all bunched into its knots.

Rebekah felt her brother come up beside her. At sixteen, three years younger than her, he was six inches taller. "They think they might invade soon." He spoke softly, so Helen wouldn't hear. "That's why I'm so glad you'll be getting out of here. You'll be in England, away from danger."

Rebekah looked sharply up at him. "If Poland is in danger, I would not leave our family! Imagine me being unable to reach any of you if that were to happen!"

He shook his head sadly at her, the look in his eyes made her heart ache with pain. He was too old for a sixteen year old. "We are lucky we've been able to keep the house because of dad's influence. When the Germans come…I don't know what will become of us."

"Sol. Please, let's not speak of this. I don't want to think about it." Rebekah spoke pleadingly; looking into his wise brown eyes she believed his name, Solomon, too perfect for him.

"Helen come in—"A high piecing noise filled the air. In shock Rebekah, Solomon, Helen and the rest of the neighbors looked up to see a Nazi Luftwaffe fighter plane streak through the sky. This couldn't be happening! No, no, no! Shouts and screams pierced the air as frantic families began running for their houses. A baby began crying as his mother squeezed him too tightly to her chest. It was starting.

Sol immediately ran and grabbed a frightened Helen, screaming at Rebekah. "They always send a scout through first before an air raid! We've got to get in the shelter, NOW!"

Their parents met them at the door. Her mama was wringing her apron with worry. "Hurry, hurry." She pulled them into the house, pushing them down into the basement. "Paul, is the shelter stocked?" He father gave a grave nod of his graying head. When had her father gotten gray hairs?

They ran into the basement and down through the hatch at the back, it led into the bomb shelter. As they all settled into the small six by ten room stocked full of canned food, they felt the bombs start to fall on Warsaw. Great shocks that resulted in huge 'BAM's and screams, resounded all throughout the city.

Sol rested his head against the wall speaking wearily, "It hopeless. Our army is tiny compared the Germans. They probably have what two—" He was interrupted by their papa, Paul Rodumin, "Sol! You will not speak of such things in front of Helen or under the circumstances! Is that understood?"

Sol looked away. Their papa's once young handsome face was haggard and tired looking, bags rested under his once brilliant green eyes that had now dulled. His proud wide shoulders slumped and Sol, nor any other of the other children, could not bear to hurt their papa.

They all leaned against each other in rest and listened as the bombs fell, and fell.

A week later the land invasion pulled through

By September 28, Warsaw was taken. They had been in their shelter for a month. They knew their house had been bombed some time during the first week, and dared not leave their temporary haven.

"Do you think anyone survived this wreck?" The rough voice broke out through the silence the city had finally descended into. The Rudomins held their breaths.

"You never know. They could have a shelter here somewhere." Another voice responded. They heard the soldiers descend into their basement. Yet, the Rudomins didn't know how badly hit their house was and if the Germans could see their hatch door.

They could. "Look! There's a shelter door!"

The hatch door was wrenched open and bright light streamed down, temporarily blinding their eyes. A huge bulky German accompanied by a thin tall one took in the sight of the Rudomin family.

They had lost weight, having to ration their food to sustain themselves for the month. Their appearance looked a wreck and clothes stained and ripped. Yvonne Rudomin had tears striking down her face, having to witness her children experience this horrible event. Little did she know how worse it was to get. Paul Rudomin's eyes had a haunted look them and his hair had grayed more. Helen looked terrified and frail in her dirty dress. Sol had the most serious, grim face Rebekah had ever seen upon a man, let alone a sixteen year old. She herself was thin, she knew the sharp feature of her face were more pronounced and bright green eyes, her father's eyes, were now darkened and weary.

"Come on! Hurry up! Get out of that rat hole, you dogs!" They were herded out and into the wreck of their house. The kitchen and living room were completely gone, one big gaping hole in their once beautiful home.

They pushed into a truck already full of members from their Jewish community. They were going to the ghettos and they would soon find out how much their life had changed.

The remained in the Warsaw ghetto until its uprising.

Rebekah was slowly shredding a puny potato runt for her mother. Yvonne was ill, and the Rudomins did all they could to keep her health up, but it was so hard to do so without food or medicine (accept for the occasional painkiller their father could smuggle out from the infirmary) or even suitable living conditions! Once in the ghetto, because they were one of the first families they were able to grab a small room for their family to share. Which was now where Rebekah was now shredding their single potato and Helen gazing vacantly out the window.

Rebekah was worried for Helen. She was so thin now and quiet. The once playful exuberant ten year old—now eleven- rarely spoke anymore.

Rebekah started as Sol came into the room quietly, as not to disturb their mother.


She looked at him slowly. Dread was filling her gut. "Yes, Sol?"

He came close and spoke into her ear softly. "There is to be an uprising."

She gripped the counter in front of her to keep from falling. "Don't tell me—don't tell me you're—"Her voice broke and began to get shrill. Sol immediately clamped his hand over her mouth. He was surprisingly strong for his thin pale appearance. He shook his head warningly, their mother stirred slightly from her nap, but slept on. Helen looked over at them with emotionless eyes, before turning once again to her window.

"Shh! Look. Some men came back from the work camps, they escaped! And they spoke of horrors and how the 'work camps of the east' are death camps to kill us off! They burn women and children and starve men to death! They are lying to US! They are readying another train in one week for three thousand of us! Some men are going to revolt, fight back!" As he spoke in this feverish rush his words came faster and his tone more excited.

Rebekah grabbed his arm in a tight grip. Eyes wide she shook her head frantically, "Sol! Are you crazy? Are you insane? You will get killed! You will kill us all! Dad will never—"

"Never what?"

Frozen, Rebekah and Sol turned to see their father in the doorway. His tall thin frame was wrapped in rags and he lugged a small pack across his back-their food rations.

He was gazing directly at Sol. His eyes knowing and infinitely sad. "Sol?"

Sol pulled nervously at his shaggy curly locks, they couldn't get scissors to cut their hair so his had been left to grow out, and returned his father's look.

"I am going to join."


Even Helen was looking on at the conversation with curiosity.

Paul Rudomin slowly brought his pack to their makeshift table, and took off his hat to reveal his grayed hairs.

"If you fail?"

"I will be shot."

"You're family will be shot along with you."

Sol faltered slightly.

Papa continued, "I see these things happen everyday. You know I work at the infirmary as doctor. There are some things there I will never discuss with you, but it is not pretty. Whole families have been shot or carted off to camps because of the theft or resistance of one member." He looked over at his wife sadly.

"If you go, remember whose lives you are putting at stake."

Sol gave a curt nod and practically fled the room.

The resistance was determined and fought hard, but eventually failed. The Nazis were so furious they decided to empty the whole ghetto of everyone. They did not learn of Sol's participation, for he survived and kept out of sight in the aftermath.

As Rebekah and her family were marched out of their room, their papa tried to help their mama get out of bed, yet she was so weak she could barely stand on her own. A Nazi noticed this and roughly pushed papa away into the arms of another officer who held his struggling form tight. "No! NO! LET ME GO! YVONNE! Oh, No, no, n—" BANG! Mama fell to the floor, dead. Her glazed eyes stared at them from her place on the floor. Papa was sobbing and screaming at the soldiers. Yet they just turned away and pulled us all out and into the lines boarding into the cattle cars. Helen was in shock and shaking uncontrollably, Rebekah hurried to hold onto her sister as she herself was crying and weeping. Sol grabbed their hysterical Papa and spoke urgently into his ear, asking if he wished to leave them too. Eventually they were thrust into a car of about eighty other people.

End of Flashback

Rebekah awoke with a cold sweat, tears streaming down her face. She slowly turned and gazed at the ceiling. She had been separated from her brother and Papa at their arrival to the camp. Helen was led of to join the rest of the children, mothers, and elderly. Rebekah was alone.

Silence reigned in the dawn hours of the morning as Rebekah realized all that she had gone through. To think, just a year ago she was looking forward to going to Oxford to study medicine and follow in her father's footsteps. Now…

Now, she was fighting to stay alive.

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