A Taryfale for ladybugs and weasels of all ages.

By the Halvorsen Family

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Snow White who's wicked stepmother queen wanted to get rid of her. But she couldn't because Snow White's fairy godmother, the good witch of the North, spirited Snow White away to a little cottage-cheese house where Hansel and Gretel lived.

Now what you didn't know was that Snow White's stepmother queen was the Wicked Witch of the West! She went out looking for Snow White. To help her in her search she put on some red shoes and these shoes took her dancing all over the woods-always away from Snow White.

One day, however, Snow White went out to the river where she met a frog that ran away with one of her slippers. They were precious to her because they were made of glass so she chased the frog who made her promise to kiss him before he gave the slipper back. So she gave the frog a kiss and POOF he turned in to a prince named George and gave her back her glass slipper.

While Snow White was chasing the frog the wicked witch of the west danced right up to Snow White's cottage-cheese house and bumped in to it. BOOM It fell over on her and only her feet with the red shoes stuck out from under the cheese.

The garage part of the house, however, didn't fall over because it had a very special car in it that said "Chitty, chitty, bang, bang," and flew.

When Snow White got home with her frog prince she took the red shoes and put them on her feet and then she and her frog prince got in Chitty, Chitty and flew to his father's castle. But when they got there the castle was inhabited by a dragon named Smaug.

After Prince George (the frog prince) told Smaug to cough up a wedding ring for him and Snow White he did. He also coughed up Dorothy, Alice, and Goldilocks who had been in his stomach for three days and three nights as a punishment for disturbing the three bears house. Smaug then flew away in terror of Prince George and went to inhabit the lonely mountain where he met a hobbit named Frodo who told him to cough up a wedding ring for him and his girlfriend, Thumbelina. Smaug told Frodo that he was out of wedding rings but he could have Sauron's One Ring.

He could have Sauron's one ring because Sauron didn't want it any more. So Frodo went home and took Alice with him because he thought that Alice would really like another hobbit in Hobbiton. Alice met Ted Sandyman and married him. Then Frodo found out that he had to go and destroy the one ring because it was bad.

While he was gone destroying the ring a tin man named Sharkey came and took over the shire! Ted Sandyman joined Sharkey so Alice did too. Frodo, when he got home, told Smaug to kill them all and dump Sharkey in to the cracks of doom and after the shire was cleaned up Frodo and Smaug lived happily ever after with Snow White and Prince George who came to live in Frodo's castle with him. When Snow White and Prince George went to live with Frodo, she gave Dorothy her red slippers and Dorothy was so happy that she clicked her heals together three times and vanished.

Goldilocks, though, went to live with her brother Prince Caspian where she met a lion called Goliath. There Goliath was fighting a tournament with a little boy named David but all his friends just called him the artful dodger.

Smaug, however, had struck up a friendship with Goldilocks and went to visit her at prince Caspian's castle. There he met a boy named Eustace who said that he had been a dragon once too. Smaug didn't see Eustace for long because Eustace was on a top secret mission to blow up the death star! He did it with the help of his good friend Julieo who knew Luke Skytrotter. Julieo's friend Romiette was trapped on top of Orthanc so Julieo ran to the bottom of Orthanc and called up "Oh, Romiette, Romiette, let down thy golden hair!" She also called up 911 on her cell phone. The police finally arrived and sent a ladder from a fire truck up and when Romiette came down he fell in to a deep sleep and Julieo cut off all his hair. When he woke up he had lost all his strength and so he went to live in Frodo's castle, where Smaug the dragon protected him.

Julieo, however, was captured by Prince Rabadash and held captive against her will. She heard Prince Rabadash rushing around his hovel yelling "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!" Julieo asked Prince Rabadash what he was late for. He said he was late for his meeting at the pyramids to get rid of all the donkeys at the temple. When Prince Rabadash left for his meeting Julieo called Luke Skytrotter on her cell phone and he ran over to Prince Rabadash's hovel and pulled out his laser sword and rescued her.

Then just as they ran out of town they ran in to Aragorn a powerful Jedi in the force of the kings of Numenor. He stopped Luke Skytrotter and Julieo and when Julieo told Luke to "cut down this maniac" Aragorn cried out and said "Stop Julieo! Don't you see? Luke Skytrotter is an imposter! He doesn't know how to use his laser sword at all! The real Luke is my son and his last name is Skyprancer! Not Skytrotter! Luke Skytrotter's father is Bill Sykes!"

Julieo gasped "But how can this be? Luke is he right?"

Luke started to blubber "No," he sobbed, "he's wrong! But he's right that I don't know how to use my laser sword. I'm actually the door keeper for the Emerald City of OZ!"

Julieo gasped again. "But how could this happen?" She wailed.

Aragorn answered "Oh, you must have gotten the wrong number at that ball you went to with Prince Charming last week. Remember?"

Julieo answered "Oh yes, I remember. It was the ball where I met Cinderella and Mary Poppins. I remember it was held on the Lost Island of Atlantis. But what shall I do? What are we going to do with this imposter?" Julieo asked with a look at Luke Skytrotter who was still crying.

Aragorn laughed and said "Oh, that's no problem! I have this giant of a friend who takes care of all my problems for me. Let me just whistle for him."

As soon as Aragorn whistled this huge giant person came lumbering up and grinned down at Julieo as Aragorn introduced him. "Julieo, this is my friend, Yoda. We call him Shorty. Shorty, old buddy, it's nice to see you again."

"Nice to see you, it is, too, Friend." Replied Yoda.

"Shorty, we need you to get rid of this imposter for us. But I'm wondering, how are you going to do it?" Asked Julieo.

"Oh, easy that is," Yoda replied, "Wave my hands in the air and say the magic words is all have I to do."

"But what are the magic words?" Julieo asked.

"'Bibbity, bobbity, boo' and to anywhere I send him he will vanish he will." Yoda answered. "Now, where shall I send him?" Yoda added with a look at Julieo.

Julieo cried "Oh, I know! We could turn him in to a donkey and send him to live in Prince Rabadash's temple!"

"Good idea!" answered Aragorn.

So Yoda turned Luke Skytrotter into a donkey and sent him to live in Prince Rabadash's temple. Then Aragorn, who happened to be a close friend of Frodo's asked Yoda to send him and Julieo to Frodo's castle, where they could all live happily ever after, and he did.

The End