It was stupid of me to think
That you would not be weak
And give in to these temptations
Oh our trials and tribulations

Now, it's coming out into the open
All those words left unspoken
You've been found out
But some secrets are best left alone

Now that I know
There's nothing left to show
I bid you farewell
Im living in my own personal hell
Of your creating
You had to go and do that
While I was patiently waiting
Waiting for your return
Oh how I yearned

She stole you away
In every single way
I didn't have a chance
To win you back
She had broken into your heart
And stolen my place
Oh these crimes of passion
You lost the case

So tomorrow is no more
And today has never happened
Its like I was erased
Erased from your life

One summer, just one summer
And my whole world crashed down
I want to take a gun to her head
And ask her what she's all about
Stealing you
Away from me
The blood would drip down
And id make you see
Her scream for mercy
But you didn't show me any, did you?

Oh these hellish fantasies
That would bring the best of them to their knees
Begging me please

So in conclusion, my dear
I hope to make you hear
These silent screams
These hopeless shattered dreams