Where are you now?
When I need you the most
When the pain has grown too unbearable
And the razor is starting to look quite appealing
The lights are flickering, just like my will to live

Where are you
When I need you the most
Off getting drunk, I must suppose
Off yet again on another crusade
To win some poor unsuspecting girls heart
When you already have the perfect girl waiting
Waiting for you

This death wish is so sad
The innocence in me has vanished
Im just a tarnished little whore
Another little girl who just wanted more
And more

The loneliness is gone
When im with you
With being the operative word
Cause without you im just nothing
Without you, im just a scared little girl
All alone in this big big world
Ah the lights in Paris shine so bright
But not as bright as my eyes do
When you're gone
And the tears are swimming
And my chances of keeping you with me are slimming

And im just another tarnished little whore
Who needs someone to protect her
I've seen the world
I've seen what can happen to those unsuspecting victims
And for some,
Happiness isn't enough

For some,
We like life rough
We like some lightening
Some rain and thunder
Oh this careless blunder

Oh where are you now,
I need you to help
I need your comforting arms around me
If you dont come soon,
The razor just may slip