An: For all those people who looked at this and thought 'wtf', I'm going to do a slightly longer explanation. My friends and I started up this group which we named 'Supernatural Inzano's' 'Inzano's' for short. We all have latin names. Thea (me): Lamia, Sarah: Lupus, Helene: Codex and Krystal: Peior. At school Krystal and I were joking about what would happen if we all lived together while at uni. Somehow, that became this. Enjoy.

Chronicles - The Disaster That Would Be, if we all lived together…

Part 1 – Wake up call – Lamia

I woke up to a heavy weight pressing down on my chest. I opened my eyes slowly to a sleepy looking leopard. God, it's adorable, but it's not supposed to be on my bed! It should be outside, and he's squashing my lungs... I hadn't quite managed to get the guard leopard to do any actual guarding, yet.

Mostly it just had an instinct to stick very close to me, and for some reason an angry disposition toward Helene. I suspect Krystal had been playing in my lab that day. The leopard stretched forward and yawned widely in my face. Ewww, stink. I needed to do something about that, change his DNA to anti-bad-breath.

I trickily manovered, using only bits of my upper body as the leopard was sitting on the rest, so that I had my notepad and pen in hand. I added to the list of improvements, chief among which was to stop him from mauling Helene every time she went by.

I then used a very complex system of the highest technology to move the dead weight pinning me down. I stared into slitted pupils; "Move." and he very politely raised himself on all fours and jumped off my bed.

I slunk off through my cupboard into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Meanwhile in another portion of the house, a couple of stories below, Krystal was upside down on a leather couch staring at the wall. The wall was cleverly disguised as a television. I doubt Krystal knew that though. The right sequence of actions would make it vaguely liquid like, so you could walk through it to the secret elevator which would take you to the dungeon.

Krystal was watching Rage. I had access to all the channels in the galaxy, every movie, television show and game it was possible to get, legitimately or no, and on a Saturday morning she still watches Rage. There was no fixing some people.

The line of drool from her mouth worked its way into her eye and made her more alert. She glanced at her custom made watch, which there were only four like in the world, and decided she had roughly three minutes before I came and shut the stupid program off. She groaned and did it herself.

Krystal fell off the couch trying to right herself, and affirming she lacked the effort to get up at that hour of the morning, crawled off to her music room.

On another floor… Helene was curled up in bed looking very comfortable, sound asleep. The morning light was only just filtering through her room on the top story.

Laughter crackled through a speaker. "Helene, are you awake?" Krystal sing-songed. Helene shifted a little but didn't wake up. Colder than ice water cascaded down on her in a waterfall. Krystal busted a gut laughing while Helene jerked into consciousness looking murderous. It really was a good thing my weapons room had such high security.

Screechy, horrible guitar with out of tune vocals attacked Helene through the speaker. Krystal really could be quite good sometimes, but this was especially for Helene's wake up call. Sarah and Krystal had rigged it up the previous night, amid giggles galore.

"Krystal!" Helene yelled shaking with fury. She flung herself out of bed. Helene stomped off to go strangle Krystal wearing bright yellow PJ's.

The scene was being watched by Sarah, on her computer she had hooked up to my security cameras. There were cams in every room but the private quarter ones were never monitored unless there was an emergency.

"Krystal you spaz… Helene's going to kill you." she laughed. She tapped her fingers on the keyboard, following Helene's progress down the hall. Helene was still charging like a mad rhino.

Sarah's attention was caught by something she hadn't noticed before in my security mainframe. A section, with all sorts of weirdly labelled black buttons and a large flashing red one in the centre.

"Wonder what this does…" The mouse clicked…

The house shook and rumbled. Floors moved as the whole house rearranged itself like a sleeping giant tossing in its sleep. The floors tilted and curved at the edges becoming a slide. I hurtled downward at an alarming speed. Alarming, because I was being followed by a frantic, scrabbling cat whose every claw was lethal as I personally knew having designed them to be very sharp myself.

I sild to a halt in the living room. The leopard puffed its fur up and hunched down, scanning the room. A terrified scream was cutting through the air like a knife. Krystal crashed down nearby, and the screaming stopped, as she was winded.

Helene arrived calmly but downgraded into a murderous rage when she saw Krystal and immediately assumed she was responsible. Sarah came down on her stomach grinning at the fun ride.

I shut my eyes tightly, counted to ten, and opened them again. No good. The leopard had started hissing at Helene's proximity. Helene was stuck halfway between murderous rage and terrified flight. Kyrstal was gasping for air through pain and Sarah was looking fairly guilty.

I, for some odd reason or maybe just experience from being around them, had actually expected this. I stifled my laughter, so they wouldn't hear and raised an eyebrow at them all.

"What's for breakfast?"

An: Yes, we are all insane...