An: The insane story has a second part!

Chronicles - The Disaster That Would Be, if we all lived together…

Part 2 – Breakfast – Lamia

"You guys didn't make me breakfast?" I asked in a hurt tone. "I should fire you all…" I grumbled. Sarah scowled at me.

"That would be if we were your servants. You can't fire your housemates Thea!" she pointed out. I sighed dejectedly, and sat down at the small breakfast table by the kitchen, (the huge table that seats 50, being in the other dining room).

Helene was sulking quietly in another chair, still soaked and pissed off from earlier this morning. Still wearing yellow PJs. Krystal was in the kitchen fixing her own breakfast, to hell with all the rest of us…

"You agreed, just like all the rest of us, that the house and grounds owned equally by Lamia, Lupus, Codex and Peior. Therefore you can't expect us to do all the menial jobs!" The annoying, English red-head was always reminding me of this.

"Stop." I held up a hand like I was protecting myself from blows. "I get it already!"

"Oi!" Krystal yelled for my attention. "Are chocolate pancakes supposed to look like this?" I felt apprehensive at her words, then I smelt something very bad. It smelt like dog turds mixed with oil. My eyes widened, and I got up to race to the source, Sarah had smelt it first and was running ahead of me. Helene raised her head, rolled her eyes, and went back to sulking.

The kitchen was a mess. A yellow, liquid like substance, with tiny black flakes suspended in it, was splattered all over the walls and floors. The meal-maker Q36, was shaking as it spurted out more of the foul, oily colloid.

"Turn it off!" Sarah yelled, lunging towards the switch and flicking it off before more damage could be done.

"What did you do?" I asked Krystal, looking over the machine carefully, more curious than mad, or disgusted. She shrugged and had the grace to look a little sheepish.

"I just twiddled some dials, and pressed some buttons… I don't really know how to use the meal-maker-whatever-it-is. Figured you guys probably had installed mind reading software anyway…"

"Krystal, we were joking about the mind reading software!" Sarah was horrified. Krystal looked vaguely embarrassed.

"Well now, I know that." she tried to salvage her dignity. I finished up my inspection of the food machine.

"My professional opinion is that it's stuffed." I proclaimed.

"So… what are we going to eat then?" Krystal almost pleaded with me to say it was fine.

"I dunno." I looked around for inspiration. "Does anyone know how to cook?" I asked hopefully. Outside were she had been listening to our conversation Helene shook her head at our hopelessness. She got up and joined us in the kitchen.

"Out of the way." She told Krystal who stood in front of the fridge. "You," Helene pointed at me. "Get out a small bowl." Normally we wouldn't let Helene boss us around, especially Krystal, but we all knew protesting could mean a lack of food. I meekly went and did as she said.

"You would all starve without me." Helene complained as she set about making scrambled eggs, for the four of us. I let the comment pass by, it was probably true anyway…

An: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups..."