The edges of her mouth were sore from the tight gauge that gagged her, and her tightly bound wrists were stinging with pain from her ineffective efforts of freeing herself. She was in what seemed to be a small office room in a large warehouse of some sort. Her captors had placed her in a chair and tied her to that as well.

She remembered her captors clearly in her mind, especially the one they called their leader. He had dark brown hair and dark eyes that fixed on her with the gaze of a hungry wolf. But it was his quiet malevolent voice that made her tremble most. She could still clearly recall his low voice and vicious grey eyes as they lifted the sack from her head. He gripped her chin and lifted up her face. Though the action was quite gentle, it sent chills down her back.

"Is she the one?" her initial captors had asked.

"There's no doubt. Just look at that pretty face and those blue eyes. She's just like her father." he sneered, as he keen eyes pierced through hers and into her heart.

Then they all left the room, all except one, whom the boss had called to keep watch while he left. She would have rather been left alone in that bleak, empty office room. The man standing near the door was one of the most handsome she'd ever seen. His ravishing eyes caught her attention first. They gazed with profound strength and wisdom, and slowly fixed on hers. But, they were icy blue—a cold and frigid shade that froze her heart. They were no different from a wolf's. These men, no doubt, were the members of the notorious "Black Wolf" gang.

Then, he smiled—no, he smirked. Her heart sank. Her breath stopped short. He was nearing her, taking slow, graceful steps that seemed to equate the beating of her fear-struck heart.

She shut her eyes and the black world around her swirled. She suddenly felt the force of his hand upon the back of the chair. Slowly, she looked up and saw his body bent over her. His handsome face was ominously near hers. His expression had all the features of mischief.

"You poor thing." he whispered as he slid a finger under the gauge on her face and pulled it slightly forward, slightly away from her sore mouth. "If you promise me you won't say a thing, I'll take this off."

She blinked "yes," and he must have understood for his smile widened to an evil grin. Then he reached behind her head and gently untied the fabric that had been bound so tightly around her mouth for so long. When the gag was removed, so was a bit of her fear. She was immensely grateful for this malicious wolf, yet, still wary and fearful of his mysterious intentions.

The leader had called him "Jackal," she suddenly remembered. Was that his real name, or just the title of his status? Then suddenly, he seemed vaguely familiar to her. Had she seen him somewhere else before?

Her heart sank—he was getting too close.