...Nothing to Gain….

You're left with nothing to gain.

You're left with nothing but your sorrow soul and your twisting insides.

You feel like you have to ask for forgiveness…apologize for things you really never did.

You never burdened anyone, no one ever felt hurt by you.

But you differ in beliefs.

You believe no one is with you; no one is by your side.

You believe you have nothing to live for; you have no reason to try.

"Life is not a gift, life is a burden."

"We weren't meant to live, we were meant to be miserable and die."

You say these things with no thought.

No thought of what people have done for you,

What you have done for other people.

We talk, share stories, decide you're not giving up.

You're going to stay in the game.

The game you thought as a horrible, risky, messed up game.

You never know…You might win.