A Fairytale Beginning

"A deep breath, and baby steps, that's how the whole thing starts. It's a long, slow beautiful dance to the beat of it all." -Long, Slow Beautiful Dance, Rascal Flatts

Carlie was just your average girl. Her light brown hair fell in bouncy curls around her shoulders. Her blue-gray eyes looked like a stormy sky. She wasn't bothered by her height, or lack thereof, because she knew that good things come in small packages. To understand Carlie, we will first look to one of her best friends, James Riley (but of course, he prefers Riley). Riley has short brown hair that is spiked up on top of his head everyday, without fail. Carlie always had to look up to see in to his emerald green eyes that sparkled when he smiled. Riley was basically a stud, even though he refused to show off his toned muscles. You were lucky to see him without a shirt on, being as he was very shy about his abs. Needless to say, I'd by lying if I said Carlie didn't have a crush on him (and not just because of his good looks, mind you).

This hot summer afternoon finds the two friends finishing a midafternoon snack in Riley's kitchen. Carlie was storing the ice cream carton in the freezer as Riley left the spoons in the sink (these juniors saw no need for bowls).

After they had cleared up, Riley grasped Carlie's hand and gently tugged her out the back door. With a mischievous smile, he close the door behind her and promptly swung her over his shoulder. Carlie started to squeal as he started walking towards the pool, "Don't you dare!"

"Come on, I promise it will be refreshing," He taunted, continuing his path to the water's edge.

When he made a move to toss her in, Carlie latched her arms around his neck for security. Riley easily caught her in his arms, and as her legs wrapped around his waist (just in case), he began tickling her sides.

His eyes sparkled more than ever as she squirmed away, jumping out of his grasp. As her torture continued, Carlie tried to back away. Riley reached out to prevent her from stepping into the pool, but he had reacted a moment to late. He only succeeded in being pulled into the water as well.

The two hit the water with a splash, clothes and all now soaking wet. Carlie giggled when she saw Riley's now flat hair. She then took it upon herself to fix it. As her hands ran through his wet hair, spiking it to perfection, Riley wrapped his strong arms tightly around her waist, pulling her close.

As her hands finished their work, she gently rested her arms around his neck. With a tender look in his green eyes, he tilted her chin up. Slowly, Riley leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on her lips.

Leaning his forehead on hers, he whispered, "Carlie, I've always loved you, and I always will."

Carlie knew that this was the beautiful beginning of what would be her dream come true. Her fairytale had thus begun.

Author's Note: This was just written for a friend… yea so its not that spiffy, lots of fluff and stuff, but I think it's cute. Hope you enjoyed! Reviews are always muchly appreciated!

-Life, Love Sanity