Why are all the cute guys taken?

By girls with implants in their boobs

And why are all the nice guys with

Girls that carry testing tubes?

Why can't I find one guy that's nice

That isn't taken by some whore

And why can't I find some cute dude

That isn't such a drawling bore

I know of one guy but he's not for me

He isn't taken if that's what you think

It's just my friends don't think he's ready

So I write how I feel in blood-like ink

I'll wait till later, maybe when we're older

Maybe then they'll let me say how I feel

When I'm mature enough to handle

The emotions that seem so surreal

But I fight against myself with this

It tears me into two, wanting him

I want to tell him why I smile

But I know my chances are slim

Could someone give me any advice

On what to do when I've liked the guy

For nearly two years now... since 2004

And even then I wondered why.