To A Land Of Mine Own

:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

As i sit still and ponder awhile,

Of the whimsical things that make me smile.

I meet yellow ponies munching buttercups blue,

A purple hoot owl singing all outta tune,

Little pink fairies dancing with leaves,

A cute little puppy with knobby knees.


A curtsey to the right and a bow to the left,

The little pixies are watching, my stage is all set.

So I prance and I holler and snee and I snoo,

My performance is done, they loved it anew.

I glide through squiggle meadow and climb candy trees.

And tickle the BAA sheep, till they chatter and wheeze.


Then I traipse along to the animal farm,

And giggle and wiggle to tales of charm.

Swing the moo-town blues at the barnyard moot,

Jin-jangle and wrangle the cows by the brook,

Jig the hockery-pokery with a strawberry moose

Head for explorin, lead by wicked cool goose.


A little to the south down wiggery lane,

O'er the hilltops where the moon don' wane,

Way past the brambles and cho-co-late reeds,

I splash to Orange River, where the sugar duck feeds.

I can waddle with the family or talk to the trees,

Or even have my tea with the friendly bees.


When all my munching and scrunching is done,

I pick up and trot to new game of fun.

Armed with a hickory and a purple-green neat,

Why conquering boredom is simple a feat.

I sneeze an a-tishoo and laugh and I sing,

And then melancholy is a far away thing.


With baskets of fun and bunches of glee,

I sure do like this way to be free.

And when I am done with my quiet sojourn,

Its back to the land of men I return.

Good Heavens! Dear Me!

My mind runs far, far away with me.