Drooping shadows encroach,

Chill needles sting the numb flourish of night,

Wailing owls chide the gale's cryptic reproach:

A lament of a broken-hearted Wight.

Sensual whispers seduce,

Lovers' dank breaths lacquer the frost-bound pane:

Draping passion tapestries to induce

The revival of memories insane.

With prying haggard palms

Delusions enswathe the mist of sleepwalk,

Regaling my instinct's craving for qualms:

The prey ambles, the dark predators stalk.

A taut Midnight clock thrums,

Echoing dread and concern in dim halls,

Listen to that primeval beat, Heart drums!

Beware of ogling portraits on the walls!

Mouldy eyes, cursed grins,

In a labyrinth of demons come alive!

Lacerated glass and manifest sins

And on bloody sheets the will to survive.

Crowned with spherules of sweat,

Glazed sight and writhing clouds of eupnoea,

Awake, look upon your love sleeping yet:

Her beauty will be your night's panacea.