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Hurt me

Wrap me up in the colours of your world

And soar with me,


Towards the sun.

Lead me into the heart of the heat.

Sensory overload.

No more.

Dissolved and disappeared.

Wrap me in the ice cold of your gaze,

Don't look away.

Freeze me up inside

Until I feel no more.

Take me to the northern tip

And leave me stranded.


To the biting bitter winds.

Fly with me to the utmost peak

And suspend me over the edge,

With jus finger,

As my salvation.

Release me and let me fall.

Watch me as I scream.

Drain the colour around me,

Descending in darkness.

Destroy my hopes

And slaughter my dreams.

Steal me away from my home,

Abandon me.

Leave me stranded,

Freeze me inside,

Dissolve me,

Make me scream.

Just don't hurt me.