His heart was broken

Ripped to pieces

Flung to the ground

Trampled and mauled

By the beasts in her heart

For three long years he kept it together

Refused to face the truth.

Refused to see the darkness

That was creeping in from every side

All that is over now

Sitting broken and bleeding

In the corner of his empty apartment

His eyes and mouth bleeding

Through the staples and the stitches

A security

A way of hope

A display of love

And outmost devotion

He put those there for a reason

But they don't seem to help anymore.

He still sees things he doesn't want to see

Things he knows will break him

Things he knows will shake him

Bring him to tears

Destroy his fantasy

Bring him back to reality

He still speaks things he doesn't mean to say

Things he knows will break them apart

Things he knows will hurt her

Destroy their love

Tear them to pieces

Shatter their hope

And the ears he ripped from his head

Flung to the ground

And refused to acknowledge

Well they still hear

Still hear the things that make his heart grow cold

Still hear the things that make his stomach churn.

His defenses

Worn down

Worn out


And crushed to pieces

His heart that used to be there

Beating and pure

Is now just a bloody pulp

A bit of scar tissue

Tough and abused

Crumpled and maltreated

She ripped it

Battered it

Trampled it

And thought nothing of it

He holds his heart

The broken bleeding heart

In his hand

While the other blindly tries to fix it

To stitch it

To staple

To glue

To piece it back together

To make it whole again

The pieces she that she ripped and tore apart

The hole

The only thing that's left

The bleeding gaping hole

Where it used to be hurts him

Hurts him even more

Now that when there is nothing there to beat,

Nothing to feel,

Nothing to hear.

Nothing to steal

But he still tries to fix it

Lying bleeding on the floor.

The bloody lump

Clutched tightly in his hands

Not replaceable

Not fixable

And not substitutable

A mess of hope


Outmost respect

And emotion

He believes

Believes there is still hope for him

Hope for them

Hope for what there once was

What there could be