Thanks, Mr. DUI

This is written in response to Detective Juan Serrano of Tampa, Florida, a drunk driving victim who perished on 2/25/2006. I alluded Mr. DUI to Jose Luis Espinoza, the man who killed him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and Mayor Pam Iorio, who is seeking another bodyguard and driver.

Thanks, Mr. DUI

You've killed our city's friend,

A veteran detective,

A mayor's bodyguard,

You have eradicated his life.

Thanks, Mr. DUI,

For causing his family pain,

The mayor cried in the news,

Venting her grief,

Because of you.

Thanks, Mr. DUI,

The damage you've done,

Evoked a grand funeral,

For the Hispanic,

Killed by your gun,

In a huge church.

You've collided with his car,

On the interstate's exit,

So close to home,

Look what you've done, Mr. DUI,

The detective,

Pronounced dead in a hospital.

We pray to spare your life,

A full life in prison,

The mayor prays for her protection,

Since she has no bodyguard,

My grief turns to anger

All because of you, Mr. DUI.

Please don't be a bunch,

A bundle of friends with Mr. DUI,

Not only you'll kill yourselves,

But you can efface the innocents,

Enroll in the sobriety legion when driving.