I believed in you, John, I believed that you were going to follow your dreams, your choices.

I told myself that you were going to speak like what you normally do, do your hair like how it used to be.

Why change?

Why do you have to show off?

Why do you make me hate you?

Because I do, I hate you, and I wish I never met you.

Therefore, I don't have to be watching you do things that you know is wrong.

Can you imagine?

Do you actually remember the better person you used to be?

I don't think you can, because all of this bullshit and crap is the way.

Why can't you be just yourself, John? Why do you have to do things that they tell you to? Why change for them?

Do you think that will make you look better?

Do you think you'll be welcomed in if you become a different person?

Because to me, you don't look better, and you won't be if you keep doing this.

You make me so angry. You make me cry, John.

Not because of you, it's because for a minute there, I believed in you.

You just seemed to have just ripped that belief apart.