Long Awaited Reunion

That night I laid my eyes on you,

I fondly recalled everything that we've been through.

The other way I had glanced

as you looked my way,

while you and your partner danced.

You have forgotten me.

That's what happens when

people move on, obviously.

I looked back up to see

that your curious eyes are still upon me

And I gave a little smile hoping that

your memories of me would forever last.

But I was wrong I guess.

For my coming here was useless.

I had come to see you

once more, I must confess.

I am puzzled to see that your still looking my way.

Clearly you don't remember me

so why haven't you looked away?

I decided to make a childish face

as I was fed up with that endless stare.

It was immature of me, I know.

But I didn't care.

Yet I hadn't realized that as a child,

that same face I would create

when you would do something

I would fiercely hate.

A little laugh escaped my lips as

I see your face overcome with surprise.

And I know that your memories have

returned as I look into your eyes.

My mind must have flown away at this point,

for I cannot stop laughing,

as I see that you are rapidly approaching.

I guess my appearance has been worthwhile

as you finally whisper my forgotten name,

take my hand and serenely smile.