Spirit Guardians: The Children of Ages

If you were around for the first Spirit Guardians, you'll know basically what it's about. This is basically and introduction, but I've decided to resurrect Spirit Guardians once more – and of course, have sign ups for those who are interested to see their Guide and Guardian character star in this novel-length endeavor of hopefully epic proportions.

If you find yourself intrigued, see my profile, and read the sign up there – and copy and paste the sign up to a word processor, fill it out the information for your own unique Guide character and animal Guardian character, and send it to my E-MAIL! DO NOT use the reviewing system. Reviews are for the STORY only and feedback, not a sign up board. All those who do so will have their applications ignored. I'll be taking 4-5 of the best sign ups for this story, and hope to accumulate an array of interesting characters. Old members are welcome. Now, onto the story.

Prologue: Altaria

It is the inevitable constant that governs each passing moment.
Children Grow Up. Friendships Fade. Dreams Die.
Or so we think...


Surrounded on all sides by tall, seemingly impenetrable mountains, the city of Altaria lies in the very heart of a continent know by name as Farinia. Home to the entities of Life, Death, and Time, as well as the ten Sentinels of the Elements – Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Gravity, Chronos, Mirror, Darkness, and finally, Light.

To all who are born or somehow find a way into the isolated realm of Altaria, it is a place of mysteries; a place where old a new unite; a place where there is much to gain, yet much to lose. None have yet been able to decipher all of the mysteries that have existed since the very beginning.

But… that does not mean that none have tried, or will stop trying.

Greed and power eventually surface in every place, slowly thread by thread, and Altaria is no exception. Unbeknownst to most of the inhabitants, Altaria is slowly decaying– crumbling from the inside out.

Few have heeded the Warnings –

Few have heard the Bells ringing –

Few have seen the Dragons flying…

Few have noticed the subtle changes - even the Guides and their magical, animal-like Guardians have not noticed the change. But soon – very soon, the signs will become too hard to ignore. And, ultimately, someone will have to face it.

And perhaps... they will not face it alone.