Confessions of a Mistaken Deity

I am the reason humans are they way they are now: self-absorbed, narrow-minded, ignorant … confused.

I am the Mother Goddess. I created this world and everything on it. I created the humans.

I did not make them this way, however. They asked me to change them. My design was flawed. I gave them capabilities they could not handle.

They were suffering. I could not stand by and watch their pain. I had to change them.

Even gods make mistakes.

I wanted humans to be mirrors to each other. Yes, I made them so that they would have diverse appearances, but I wanted them to reflect each other's emotions.

I gave them the ability to see each other's thoughts. I wanted them to be compassionate to the lives of others. I wanted them to help each other, and to look past the outside, and see into the true, emotional side of each human.

I wanted them to see that even though they had different appearances, they all had valuable experiences and emotions to share.

I wanted them to see that the appearance of a person was a test: if they could look past it, then they had succeeded.

My children would by happy and safe. It was foolproof.

Until the day they begged me to change them.

They told me they couldn't handle the thoughts of others. They said they weren't able to take care of themselves while they worried about others. They cried to me to take away the pain. They did not want to know about the suffering of others.

I was shocked. I had expected them to help each other. I thought I had made it so they didn't need to worry about taking care of themselves, because they should have known they could count on their neighbors to help them. The knowledge of other people's pain was supposed to make them sympathetic and accepting.

I tried to tell them these things.

"Please!" They cried. "We cannot go on this way!"

I love them. I could not refuse.

I changed them. I closed their minds to each other, allowing them to focus on their own needs.

They went their own ways, moving off to fulfill their desires and build their own empires.

Humans still have the ability to connect with each other, but it does not come as easily. If they are able to look past the appearances of others, they are still wrapped up in themselves and their own problems. They take things for granted, and they rarely consider the feelings of others. They are quick to condemn different ideas and customs.

It is difficult for humans to form relationships. They fumble through social interaction clumsily. Their relationships are often awkward and feeble. They are often caught up in wondering – ironically – what the other is thinking.

I made them this way. It breaks my heard to see them destroying each other. But, they think they are happy. If this is what they want …

So be it.