"And he shall walk among you…"

The crowed marched right up to the wooden door of the dark and foreboding house of stone and wood in the even darker forest, they were simple folk, farmers, black smiths, and their like, but the man they fallowed with beaming smiles and approving looks was no simple man, richly dressed with the fair skin of a man who has never worked a hard day in his life, but behind his smug looks and snobbish attitude something of a darker nature lurked.

"Kick in the door!" shouted a voice from he crowd.

"Kill the vile thing!" shouted another, but the man with his nose upturned rapped on the door twice before setting a heroic pose with one hand on his bejeweled sword hilt. The door opened into darkness with such swiftness that many in the crowd darted back several paces and even the well dressed man took a more martial pose with his sword half drawn. And for a moment there was nothing but silence and darkness, the darkness inside the door way was unlike any normal darkness; this was an absence of hope, a congealed pit of despair and loneliness and all who looked into it felt their insides turn an icy chill, even the snobbish man who always seemed to have a slightly inebriated hue to his face seemed to turn a slight shade of blue. And to every man in crowd's despair the thing within the darkness spoke, its words made them weep and tear at their hair and flesh, they felt the world's weight descend upon them threatening to crush their spirits.

"So…easy…you…are…to…fool." Each word was spaced with a deep intake of ragged breath from a creature that sounded the size of a giant. The snobbish man turned to the crowed and raked them with his eyes, and under his stare many righted themselves and stood themselves back up clutching their hammers and their pitchforks tightly. But as soon as he turned his back to the portal of darkness a nightmarish figure launched itself out of the shade and latched itself on to the man. At first glance one might have though it was a huge man with a wolf skin draped about his body, but on closer inspection found the wolf head was very much alive whispering foul words like a snakes tongue into the now terrified mans ear. Muscular arms attached to an equally muscular grey skinned body that bristled with wolf fur bulged iron hard as it gripped the man hard until the grating sounds of broken bones filed the air. The empty black eyes of the wolf head glowed dimly from far, far away and it spoke again in between the serpent speech

"First goes the charm." And again the serpent speech rasped at the air. The people in the crowed who were reading themselves to fight the demon to reclaim their newly found champion were suddenly robbed of warmth they had not known they had had. Madness ran rampant in their numbers vomiting and tearing at their flesh crying for something to deliver them from this hell in the dark forest. "Now goes the glamour." It said again and the serpent language grew louder and more terrible some of the men in the crowed used their weapons against themselves, thrusting pitch fork tines into the soft flesh under their chins, ripping their chests open with their knifes, pounding their own heads to pulp with their hammers, yet still others were to stunned by the horror to look away, they watched as their one time champion slowly faded away and a terrible blue skinned demon took his place, its violet eyes raking the crowed desperately, its once smooth voice now only a screeching howl until suddenly it turned to ash in an instant and the wolf creature who stood before them in all its awful glory spoke once more before turning and vanishing back into the darkness "Beware a wolf in sheep's clothing."