You're Leaving…

You came into my life

When I felt no one would

You smiled at me

When I thought no one would

You gave me a new life

New hope.

Every time I felt down,

I just had to look at you

And my heart would jump

My spirits would lift

And I would regain my strength

You gave me inspiration

When my mind was blank

You knew how I felt

And even though you didn't feel the same,

You never broke my heart

But now you're leaving

Leaving me with nothing

But sweet memories

Of course I'll miss you

I never liked anyone

Like I liked you

But you have to leave

I wont stop you

I'm not so sure about you

But I'll never forget you

I wonder if I'll ever see you again

I just wanna tell you something

Before you leave

I love you

A/N: This was like the very first poem I wrote, wherein I really pored out my feelings, ya know… for my ex-crush, who was leaving… I kinda like it coz its sincere… even tho it aint rhyming… seriously I don't do rhyming… lol… review people I wanna know ur views!