Such beauty

Such a beautiful day

How I love it!

How I love today!


Such joy

Such splendor

Such a dream


I never want to wake up again

I never want to believe

In what they call the truth


Why should I cry?

Why should I hurt?

Why should I ever want to forget?


You all say I'm crazy

But I know I'm not

You're the crazy ones

You're the ones hating

You're the ones loving

You're the ones killing


You say I throw my life away

But how can that be true?

This is true beauty

This is magic


I never want to wake up

I never want to grow up

I never want to realize I'm getting old



I want to fly away forever

I want to play with the fairy dust

And sing among the birds

And then I'll run so fast

So fast you'll never catch me again


And then I'll find the places

I used to find before

And then I'll dream the dreams

And I will hurt no more


And if you try to catch me

You will realize

That you may find my body

But not what is inside


You can hurt me

You can hit me

You can shut me far away


But you can never take

The beauty

Of today