Little Girl is alone again

Huddled in the shadows of

Black fairy tales and dripping stiletto heels

Knees scraped and fingers gripping

The edge of a misfitted childhood.


Hush Little Girl, don't make a sound

He might hear you breath

Choke down the whimper

Close your eyes and watch

The ballerina dance across you eyelids.


Little Girl wishes she had pixie dust

To sprinkle across Daddy's whiskey

So he'll stop screaming, screaming


At her.

But his foot steps are drawing closer

And her heart is pounding against

It's cage in a rush to break away.

Her ears split as the closet door

Creaks open…


Little Girl, don't cry for your mother

She's lost in TV static and depression medication

.and. When was the last time

She unlocked the door for you?

His hands on her thigh makes

Her ribs cave into her chest

His fist pounding her jaw makes

Her numb. Dumb.


But Little Girl never makes a sound

Who would hear her anyways?