Safe here in my coffin
you can't hear my cries
sheltered in my darkness
alone in here, I die.
Isolated in my sarcophagus
my death becomes so pure
bleeding into emptiness
in here, I clutch my cure.
Obscured by your shadows
blinded by your gloom
I wait here in my prison
embracing impending doom.
Beaten by your cruelty
within here, I hide
my tears burn into ashes
destroying what's inside.
You kiss my withered soul
you must, you suck it dry
revealing all the hidden scars
in agony, I cry.
Lying with my coffin
within a wasted being
drowning in my misery
in pain that's not worth seeing.
I'm locked here in my coffin
I suffer a final cry
a knife rips into my flesh,
care to watch me die?