Part One

A young woman walked down a small dirt path through the village. It was raining out but only slightly. Her hands were stuffed inside the pockets of her long coat, and her mechanical (right) and feathered (left) wings were folded tightly against her back in order to try and avoid getting too much water on them. Her white wolfen ears which sat in her silver hair were folded down against her head to keep the rain out of them, while as her white wolfen tail was out in the open for the rain to soak. She looked down at the damp grounf as she walked down the path alone, her body giving off a small hint of energy.
A young man smiled as he walked through the street of a wooden town. His body nearly bursting into dance of its own accors. He always loved rainy weather, especially when it was barely so. His blue and red trenchcoat had been let at hom, so his black vested shirt and black pants showed, as well as the boots that he wore. His dark blue hair was tiead into a ponytail, and his blue and red eyes scanned the area ahead of him, twinkling with joy at the rain. He finally stopped and sat on a bench. He raised his arms and began to move his hands slightly, watching the water now trail the movement of his hands, his eyes glinting.
She had walked for quite a while now. She stopped in front of that very bench and stood there without even looking over. She didn't even seem to notice the young man was there, nor did she notice the bench much. She let out a heavy sigh and breathed in the smell of rain, with her strong sense of smell. She closed her eyes gently, then tilted her head back as she re-opened her eyes looking up into the rainy sky. Her skin was the color of ivory, and her eyes were that of the moon's briliance, which complimented her silver hair. The energy her body was giving off faded almost completely. She listened carefully to the sound of the rain as the drops fell onto the ground. She relaxed herself as she continued to stare into the gray sky. She sighed a bit lighter this time and a slight smile appeared on her face.
His eyes looked over at her, and he smiled as he saw her there. Normally, he wouldn't mess with stranger, especially when he felt the energy from them like her's. Then, as he smiled, he turned his hand slightly, and the water began collection into a large ball, suspended in the air. Very carefully, he took aim with his eye, then twiched his hand, letting the water ball dive towards her, effectively soaking her more than the slightdrizzle had. As soon as the ball hi, he bit his lip, trying to hold back a stream of laughter, in case this had made her angry.
The young woman jumped as soon as she was hit and looked around with wide confused eyes, as her wolf tail swayed from side to side. She didn't appear angry like most people would be, and she continued to look around with her silvery eyes until they fell apon the young man, who had tossed the water ball, but she didn't know that.

"Excuse me but... Are you the one who soaked me." She said while poiting at him, not moving from the place she was standing. Her wolfen ears perked up so it would be possible for her to here the young man's answer better.

"And if you did, may I ask why?" It was only obvious to her that he was a fault, but she wanted to make absolutley sure, so she wouldn't jump to her normal conclusions and makea big fool of herself like always.

The young man smiled slightly, then aftera moment of thinking to himself.

"Would oyu be mad at the person who did get you wet?" He asked, as he stood up and streched. He shook his head lightly, but then it was noticable that his hair, nor any other part of him had been touches by the drizzle. The woman pondered the fact that he was bone cry, but then answered,

"No not really. I was gunna get soaked sooner or later anyways." She shook her wolfen tail trying to get some of the water out, then spread her wings out behind her, getting most of the water off of her mechanical wing, also showing the large blades that made up the wings, then folded them back up against her back again. The young man smiled again.

"Aye, I did. Here let me repay you for my little trick." He placed his hands together and says gently.

"Brace yourself." Then throws his hands outwards, the water that collected on the woman's body lifted off of her, flowing into a small stream.

"There, at least you are a little dry." He smiled again and held out an open, gloved, hand to her.

"I am Chaud Kishi." The woman smiled back, after thinking a few moments, and shook his hand gently,

"I am Wolf Drifter Shiruba. Yes Wolf Drifter is my entire first name. But you can call me Wolf for short." Then she thrusted her hands back into her pockets.

"How is it you can control water? I mean, I know there are people who can do that, but I'm just a little curious to knw how you do it. That is if oyu don't mind my asking." She tilted her head to the side slightly while her ears twiched.

Chaud shrugged,

"Birthrite really. I'm partially necromantic, and also I have magical blood in me, and the result..." He raised a hand, swongs it around, and suddenly a small silver lyre appeared in his hand.

"...Is pretty much instantaneous magic." He plucked a few strings than the silver lyre disapeared from his hand and he plopped back down on the bench.

"I see." The entire time she had been standing there, she hadn't realized she was giving off energy. She freaked and began to hide her energy.

"Shit." She said to no one in particualar, mainly to herself, as the access energy around her began disapearing. She looked at Chaud, and shifted her wieght to her other foot nervously, as her wolfen ears laid back against her head in a sad/nervous position. Her silvery eyes looked down at the ground again, as she turned and was ready to leave.

He looked at her,

"Hey, where you going?"

"I'm pretty sure you don't want to associate with someone with my energy."

"What do you mean? It's just a display of energy, nothing more. Is it bad or something?"

"To most people, yes."

"Let's just say I don't judge a book by its cover really. My neregy confuses a lot, so I always keep them hidden."

"Oh really? Why's that?"

They derive powers from light, dark, and many other thins, so their patterns intermingle. It might drive some insane."

"Oh, ok." Wolf sighed in releif.

"I normally keep my energy hidden as well, but I guess the rain got me a little too relaxed... Ooor, I just have so much access energy right now..." She walked over to the bench and sat next to Chaud. Leaving her white hands in her pockets, as she looked straight ahead.

"I don't really mind what you are, y'know, as long as you don't attack me or mess with my hair." He laughed slightly when he said that last thing, then suddenly his hand shoots for his pocket, as if seeing checking for something that should be there.

"So what brings you here?" Wolf noticed Chaud's hand dat into his pocket with her silver eyes, and couldn't help but ponder why he made that swift movement.

"Just traveling around. Passing through, while trying to pass away my final days." Her curiosity gotthe best of her when Wolf finaly couldn't stand it any longer.

"Why did you lung your hand into your pocket like that?" Chaud smiled.

"I have necromentic blood withing my veins. Unfortunately, I don't have complete control of it. In my pocket is a map to a necromancer city. I'm hoping to learn how to bring those powers under control while I reside there."

"Ahh. I wish everything was that simple for myself."

"How do you mean?"

"I have a curse over my head." She pulled her hands from her pockets, and began to fiddle with an orb/pendant that lay around her neck by a large chain. Chaude watched her hands and looked at the orb. Inside it he noticed a small silver light, that seemed to resemble a bright star in the night sky.

"What sort of curse do you mean? If you don't mind me asking."

"Well... A hunter trapped most of my soul within this orb right here. And I only have acertain amount of time to free myself of this curse."

"Your soul huh? Well, I am a necromancer. Maybe I could reanimate it. Though it won't be as good as before." He laughes a bit, and there is a moment of silence. Chaud sighed. He had always joked morbidly when peopletalked about death related subjects. He turned his head to look at Wolf and opened his mouth to say something. But as soon as he opened his mouth a shadow flitted in front of him, and a fist suddenly connected wit his face. Almost immediatly he was thrown backwards, slamming into a wall. He jumped up, as sone blood flowed slightly from a cut on his lip. Quickly he reached behind himself, and pulled out a twin bladed halberd. as four more of the assassins surrounded him.

"What the..?!" Wolf yelled as she jumped back. Her mind and eyes, unlike most, was able to proccess everything that had happened in that short time.

"Want help?" Chaude smiled, now baring newly grown fangs.

"No, not with these weaklings." His voice now resembled a grizzly bear who had gained a human voice. Also his eyes had changed to a catlike gold.

Suddenly he jumped forward, stabbing the first one in the chest. Quickly he pulled the halberd out. As the assassin fell back to the ground, heraised his hand to pull the skeleton out by reanimation. But... nothing happened!

A wave of shock filled his face, followed by angry comprehension.

"Andro..." His words were cut off by another fist, connectingwith his body, sending him into a brick wall. He slid down to the ground as rock and mortarfell around and on him.

"Damnit!" Wolf cried out, and seemed to teleport right next to the rubble. She took both her hands and put them together in an interesting formation. Her wings spread out behind her and her one feathered wing began glowing slightly as all the rock was lifted from Chaud. Quickly he stood back up.

"Thanks."The halber flashedpast her head, and spun over it, as she heard two bodies fall with a thud behind her.

"Now we're even." He said, then jumped over her and slashed at the android, which raised its own arm and forced a blade from its own mechanics, quickly bringing it up to black the halberd. "Bad move." He said quickly with a smirk on his face, as he brought the other end ofthe halberd forward, and slicing the android in half diagonaly.

There was a short, silent pause. Then suddenly he grabbedWolf and threw her onto the roof of a buidling. Wolf, a bit surprised, landed on her hands and feet easily. Chaud jumped up after her, and immediatly crouched down apon his landing.

"You okay?" He asked immediatly in a hushed voice. Wolf nodded then answered a bit quietly, "How about you?"

"Good." He smild and sheathed his halberd.

"What was that all about?"

"Assassins, newly built probably. This is the first time they've sent robotics after me."

"They looked like the new models."


"You ok?"

"Yeah. Just a little cut." Chaude answered Wolf and tore off his sleeve, and threw the cloth around his shoulder, winding it tightly over the gash.

"'Tis nothing too bad. I'll fix it later." Wolf nodded to him as her wolf ears twiched a bit. Suddenly a distant screeching was heard and it seemed to grow closer. A silver blur fell from the sky and into the ground.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH-oof..." Chaud jumped back and drew his halberd, gripping the middle, while he pulled the staff apart into double swords.

"What the hell?!" Both Wolf and Chaud said in unison. Wolf looked at what had hit the ground.


"Yet again... what the hell?"

"I'm ok!" The girl who had hitthe ground said still face flat as she held up one finger into the air. Wolf seemed to freak a bit and hide behind Chaud.

"This would be... Hina. She's very crazy and unperdictable. She keeps following me!" Chaud laughed and sheathed both of his swords. Then looked at Hina who was still on the ground.

"Is she dead...?"

"NOOOOOOOOOO! I be not dead! But I have a strange craving for spinache!." Hina yelledo ut as she skittered to her feet, and Wolf hid behind Chaud more.

"Hina... Why and howin the hell did you fall from the sky?" Wolf asked poking her head from around Chaud.

"Well I... wait... That's a good question. By all accounts it doesn't make sense."

"Ooook... then..." Chaud stood there silent rather confused as he looked at Hina.

"What the hell are you?"

"I be a snake demon!" She answered holding up another finger as she boasted proudly. As Wolf walked out from behind Chaud and a few feet away, he quickly unsheathed his swords.

"EEEEEEPPP!" Hina screeched and quickly hid behind Wolf. Wolf held up her hands at Chaud and waves them frantically.

"No wait Chaud! There is no need to kill her. She's harmless... just stupid!"

"But the corporation trying to kill me is led by a very powerful snake demon! How am I supposed to know she isn't related to him?"

"I don't have any brothers, or family ...or relatives... or roomates... or pets!" Hina stated in her usual ditzy and idiotic way. Wolf sighed.

"Hina... just shut up!" Chaud sheathed his words.

"We have to move. I'm betting more androids will be showing up soon." He bent down slightly and extended his arms and hands out behind him.

"Climb on."

"Where are we going? Are we going to get pizza? Or maybe even tacos! I need Tacos!" Hina began blurting out while bouncing around. Wolf growled then yelled out at her angrily.

"Hina! Shut up!"

"Get on, or I'll leave you to the androids. No doubt they have our corrdinates by now!" Chaud said while growling, really annoyed by Hina as well. Wolf grabbed Hina quickly and practically threw her on Chaud's back. Wolf walked over and stood next to him.

"Aren't you getting on?" He asked looking at her. Wolf smiled and chuckled.

"I think I can keep up with you."

"Ok." He adjusted himself slightly under the new weight, then ran forward and jumped from the roof, aiming towardsa building 12 feet higher. Wolf Right beside him the entire time, seeming to have no problem so far in keeping up with him. Hina, being the normal idiot she was, spread her arms and acted like a plane, while Chaud humored himself with thoughts of dropping her. Wolf growled at Hina.

"Sut up you snake! Or I'll find a mongoose demon!" After than Hina put her arms down and was dead silent. Quickly Chaud and Wolf landed on the rooftops, almost immediatly taking off again into the air apon touching the roofs. As they reached the end of the buildings on the edge of the town, they jumped father andlanded in the tall grass a ways away from the edge of the city.

"We'll stay here a few minutes." Chaud said dropping Hina without any warning. Wolf nodded achknowledging him, and Hina though she had been dropped on the ground was dead silent. Chaud loked at her.

"You can talk now. Just DON'T be annoying."

"How do you NOT be annoying?"

"... Just don't be you."

"Well, if I can't be me, then can I be you?"


"Oh I know! I'll be... That Guy!" She said pointing to nothing more than empty space. Finally Wolf couldn't stand it. She pulled out a roll of ducktape, and pulled a bit of it from the roll.

"Ducktape meet mouth. Mouth, ducktape!" Quickly she practically jumped on Hina and taped her mouth shut. Frantically Hina began feeling around where her mouth was supposed to be. Chaud sighed.

"If you two continualy do that, I will leave you behind. I can't afford your antics where I'm going." Quickly Wolf held up her fingers as if ready to snap. She looked at the flailing Hina. Chaud growled at the two.

"I'm being quite serious!" Wolf, as if ignoring was Chaud just said, snapped her fingers, and suddenly Hina turned into an elf, with the same hair color, but her eyes held a more serious nature. Chaude looked around the plains cautiously.

"Are you two done? Or do I have to scare the hell out of you both!?" Wolf looked at Chaud, her moon-like eyes shinning, in that particular lighting.

"Don't worry Chaud. This is now Tsubaki. Hina's other half. She's a lot easier to deal with and more mellow, by a long shot. She's also a whole lot better of a fight and spellcaster"

"Good. We'll need that where we're going." Chaud answered to Wolf, and looked over to what was now Tsubaki.

"I do hope I can be of some assistance."

"Well we need to find a speedvin shop or something. We need to get to Naratt Cit, and quickly." Wolf's ears twiched and her tail swayed bakc on forth.

"Well if you are going to that city. Then I'll need to do this." She began chanting in her native tounge, and her appearance begins changing greatly. Even her clothes were affected by the spell she was using. Her wolf ears and tail disapeared, and her hair changed to a crimson red and more tame. Her eyes became a shade of black, and her clothes turned into a red and black chinese dress, the sides cut from right below the hips down on each side of the dress.

Chaude smiled, at her after she was done with her spell.

"Which department did you tick off in that city?

"Umm... well... All of them..." Tsubaki switched her gaze over to Wolf.

"What did you do?

Hey! I was caught in the heat of battle. It's not my fault that damn energy blast from my opponent was very strong! It destroyed half the city!" Chaud stood silent for a while.

"Why didn't you catch it?"

"I did! But the blast pushed me back and into the city. I was in mid flight, and the blast had come from above me. Even the metal alloy on my wing had almost been destroyed."

"Just don't get us in trouble before you have to. It's bead enough what I'll be doing."

"Don't worry. I'm not that reckless."

"So what do you suggest we do now?" Tsubaki said corssing her arms waiting for a reply from Chaud or Wolf.

"Like I said, we're going to find a speedvin and go to Naratt City."

"Uh, before anything else happens... What in god's name is a speedvin?!

"Exactly where do you live? A speedvin! A hober car?!"

"It's not my fault! You're not the one who spends all you days trapped inside the body of an complete idiot!"

"Ah well." He nodded and began looking for the map in his jacket. Wolf looked at him curiously, asking nervously.

"The map is still there... right?"

"Of course it is." He pulled out a smell pen, and pushed a button almost unnoticable, and a projection of a map appears in the air.

"Okay, so we need to head pretty much north from here to get to the next city. We'd better hope those androids don't know how to track organic signatures, either."

"And how do we get there?" Tsubaki said sounding a bit impatient with her arms folded across her chest, and her head tilted ever so slightly. Chaud shrugged and answered.

"We walk." Wolf nodded.

"Ok then shall we start off?" Chaud nodded back at Wolf, then starts walking off in a northern direction, Tsubaki and Wolf following behind him cautiously. After a few moments of forcing himself through the thick tall grass, he has an idea.

"Wait. I've got a better idea." He raised his hands to the air and began chanting a spell.

"Earth... Rise with the spirits of the dead! Come together and do as I command of you." Suddenly a huge mound of dirt and rock rises upward. Wolf and Tsubaki looking up in awe at it, as it then took the form of a large elephantine animal.

"Hop on." Jumps up with Wolf ant Tsubaki trailing after him. Wolf, as soon as she had landed on the earthen creature's back, looked at it thoroughly.

"Something wrong?" Chaud asked her as he had noticed just a sliver of fear in her eyes.

"Oh no not at all. I wish I could do this though."

"No you don't. Trust me." He answered to her shaking his head.

"Move." He then said and the beast began lumbering forward, rising to a surprisingly fast and steady pace, for such a large mass. Tsubaki pulledo ut a small book with a green cover and began reading it. Wolf sat down, almost falling, and sat there staring down, her pupils appeared small with fear. Chaud looked at her and blinked af ew times in confusion, while as Tsubaki was too absorbedi n her book to notice what was now going on around her. Wolf sat there immobile now, and Chaud blinked a few more times.