part 2

His eyes went back into focus after several hours of meditation. The rocking of the golem beast, signified that they were still moving to their destination. Chaud smiled, as he looked at the two others on the golem. Tsubaki was still reading. As she turned the page she seemed to yell out at the book,

"Aah! No! Don't open that door you fool!" But Wolf, who was sitting as far away from the others as she could, had her knees puled in close to her chest. Her arms wrapped around her knees, and her head was leaning on her knees, her unruly hair covering most of her face.

Chaud jumped when Tsubaki yelled, and looked over at her. Then his eyes were diverted to Wolf. He looked at her,

"Is something wrong?" ...She didn't answer. He crwaled over the golem's back and sat down in front of her and tried again,

"You okay?"

Tsubaki looked up from her book and edged over to Wolf.

"Wolf. You ok?" She poked her, hoping she would answer somehow. Slowly Wolf lifted her head and looked at Chaud and Tsubaki. Her eyes seemed to appear tired, as she looked at them in a daze.

"Huh?" Chaud smiled at her then said.

"Were you thinking about this 'destiny' of yours again?" Wolf shook her head slightly.

"Actualy to tell you the truth... I fell asleep. I guess all my wor-" She cut herself off as she threw her hands over her mouth, stopping herself from saying anything more. Chaud laughed.

"Lucky you. I can't sleep." He said and sighed a bit. Wolf smiled slightly then layed her head back on her knees again. This time the size of her face layed on her knees and the back of her head was to everyone as she looked out to the distance. While as Tsubaki was back into her book.

"You're making a mistake..." She said to the fictional character in the book. Chaud laughed again.

"But don't most mistakes right themeselves out in books?"

"No not always..."

"That's why I said 'most'"

"Too bad mistakes can't correct themeselves in the real world, no?

"There's still one I made that I wish would correct itself."


"...I... Lost control once... That isn't a good thing for a person with my abilities to do."


"Someone attacked me, and when I won, he went and got his gang... When they came to attack me, they hurt a small child and... Well, let's say it triggerd a 'change.'"

"I've madea few, but none major... too major anyways..." Chaud sighed and moved over to Tsubaki.

"We'll just say that why the police in Naratt City have Wolf up on wanted posters is like a parking ticket compare to what I... he... I guess we did." This entire time Wolf was listening to the conversation. But she decided not to butt in and just listened silently. Chaud turned his head slighty, now looking over the grasslands.

"I told her that I only have two types of blood in me... that was a lie. There's so many different types of blood in me, it's a surprise I still look human." Tsubaki shrugged.

"So you're... a bit human."

"A bit human... but anyone who knows what else I am has called me everything from a mutt ot a complete mistake.

"Well now, 'complete mistake' is a bit too harsh..."

"Not as far as they're concerned." There was a pause and then Wolf took this oportunity, though she didn't move.

"I know how that is. They don't seem to care how it makes you feel. Just as long as they make it known that they don't want ya' around." Chaud nodded and answered back.

"Yeah. Unfortunatly, most people find out about me the hard way." Chaude then shook his head and threw caution to the wind.

"I have demon blood in me. From being possessed when I was eight."

"Ahh, I see." Slowly Wolf lifted her head up, and brushed her hair from her face. "I believe I've heard of you. Yes, Cerberus told me once. Though he didn't tell me your name. The only reason why he hasn't ordered me to arrest you, I guess, is because you are somewhat like myself."

"I can control it now... a bit. You saw the first forms of change when I fought those androids. It gets harder to control the farther the change goes." He swallowed slightly then added.

"And I'm sorry, but I don't think I would have allowed you to arrest me."

"Yeah that could be another reason why. Since Cerberus doesn't want to lose me, he thinks it might be safer just to leave you be."

"Why does he fear losing you?"

"I'm his best fighter. I ranked higher in skills and strength than even his best assassins and guards."

"Must be nice to have someone worry about your well being." Tsubaki suddenly added. Wolf looked at her.

"Oh, Tsubaki don't be like that. Y'know I care about you enough to worry about your well being." Chaud stood up and walked over to the golem's head and sat back down. Wolf sighed and leaned her head on her knees again. Tsubaki who was back into her book once more.

"Of course... the bad guy is beaten, and the dashing hero saves the girl and they live happily ever after... Tosses the book over the side. "What a shitty story." Chaud couldn't help but laugh and add.

"Why not? I'd like to save a girl and live happily ever after."

"Well things never happen like that! The good guy dies, or the bad guy wins, and it's well nigh impossible to live happily ever after!" Tsubaki yelled and dashed tears from her face. Chaud laughs again, and turned his head to look back at her.

"But the good guys usually do win, when they have some if the bad in themeselves. Happily ever after is learning to conquer the internal demons once the external once have gone, and being able to spend time with those you care about, knowing they're safe around you." Wolf then said pointingto Tsubaki.

"She's got a good point." Chaud sighed and began to think to himselve. 'Maybe after I finish my work here I can take them somewhere peacful.' Tsubaki sighed then layed down on her back, staring at the clear night sky as it passed by. Chaud pulled out a couple of items from his pocket. He turned them on, and screens flashed up, glowing in the night. Wolf looked over and her curiosity kicked in.

"What's that?"

"Pretty much my eyes in the sky. These send our signals to let me know if anything is within 100 kilometers of us." He pressed a few buttons and finished.

"I'm making sure nothing is tracking us."

"I have something like that. But only to find me next target.

"Ah, I'm guessing that works with homing signals."

"Well, it does lock onto a person, but only their energy signals. Cerberus is good at things like that."

"He must be, if he expected to lock onto my signal."

"Naah. In fact he did ask me once to find you, but only to request you join our forces. But I convinced him no, since I hada feeling you wouldn't want to."

"And how would you know?"

"I dunno. I guess, since most people who have strength similar to mine or your's don't wanna join with Cerberus.

"So who is Cerberus? And please say he only has one head."

"Well, of course. I mean, he has three heads in his demon dog form, but in is humanoid form there's one head."

"So who is he?"

"Well, unlike what most people have been lead to believe he is a demigod, and he isn't evil like everyone thinks. He's actually quite kind and understanding. He is the one who guides the souls to the after life. Where they stay for a while and then will be reincarnated however many years later. Anything else you wish to know?"

"Yeah. Why does he employ you?"

"He didn't want to have to come to this realm. Do you know how much chaos, and pandemonium would break out amongst the civilians?"

"About as much as a twelve foot, tall, black skinned demon terrorising on entire continent?"

"Yeah abo-" Suddenly she fell asleep. Chaud sat there for a few moments looking at Wolf, then turned his head back to the screens.

"Shit! TSUBAKI JUMP!" Tsubaki jumped, and Chaud quickly ran to Wolf and wrapped an arm around her body, jumping from the golem as a large blast races towards it. He layed her down not checking if she woke up and turned to Tsubaki.

"There's about fifty heading this way... I don't think I can take them without pulling my demon blood up... If Iturn on you two... Kill me."

"More proof of what I said earlier." Chaud laughed at her reply.

"Well, at least the hero is saving the ladies." He began to walk forward, taking a deep breath, but his body seems to swell outwards. Soon his body had become massive and wings sprouted from his back, as well as five foot horns. His walk suddenly breaks into a run, yelling at the mass of androids now running towards them.

"Come on!" His voice sounding that of an evil demon. Tsubaki glared at his retreating back and yelled out to him.

"I can take care of myself just fine thank you!"

"Well stay there!" He yelled back as he lost his ability to talk. His strength building into a small energy explosion. He quickly slams his fist into the ground, sending many of the androids flying. Then he suddenly got up and allowed his newly clawed hands to tear through the rest of the androids. Various components from the androids were spread across the field.

Tsubaki watched in aw and said to herself.

"I thought Wolf was the only person with that kind of strength... and problem."

After Chaud defeated 30 of the 50 androids, he suddenly pulled his swords out, slamming them into the ground. He jumpedskywards, raised his arms,and threw his arms downward, palms a large sheet of crimson energy downwards, which curved at his swords, sliding straight through the androids, who dissapeared with the energy.

Tsubaki stood back and looked at Wolf laying on the ground, then back at Chaud. Chauds nody lowered to the ground as he sheathed his swords. His body slowly shrank and returned to normal.

"You ok?" Tsubaki yelled out as she put away her staff. But Chaud only kneeled on the ground, seeming unaware of anything around him. Tsubaki, assuming Wolf would be fine, walked over to Chaud and tapped his shoulder asking once more.

"You ok?" Quickly he turned around, a hand flying up to Tsubaki's throat. He slowly lowered his arm, as his eyes returned to normal.

"Why did you come over to me?" Tsubaki took a step back, coughing andrubbing her neck.

"I was worried about you."

"I thought you would wait until I spoke first. I apologize."

"Oh. Well, then I'll know next time."

"Where's Wolf?" Tsubaki looked back over where she left Wolf and walked over, Chaud following behind her.

"She's here. Still asleep, amazingly enough."

"Ragnorok should have woken her..."


'Ooops...' "What not who. That attack with my swords? That was Ragnorok on a smaller scale. The true attack apparently has the capabilities of the fabled Ragnorok."

"I see." Chaud looked down at Wolf and kneeled down next to her.

"Wolf, wake up." Wolf didn't respond. Chaud sighed and raised a hand over her body.

"Water spirits inside me. Awaken her." Suddenly Wolf shot upwards, coughing harshly.

"Are you okay?" He asked her with a sigh.


"What the hell was that?" Wolf began coughing more saying in between coughs.

"...No clue..."Chaud leaned fowards, so his face was inches from hers.

"I can tell when someone's lying... Tell me or I will get it out of you." Wolf only continued coughing and hacking harshly. Chaud raised a hand to her throat.

"Weis heiil."

"What?" Tsubaki asked confused.

"A healing spell."

"Ahh, ok."

"You know what's up?"

"Not a clue. And it's worrying me. I'm the one who's always getting poisoned."

"Why do you think it was poison?"

"She doesn't get sick too easily... and since it came on so fast... You might not think it, but Hina is a poison master." Chaud growled and began rumaging though the back oack he always wears.

"Well, she won't tell me what the hell it is."

"Oh Wolf... Why are you so stubborn?" Tsubaki began looking through her bag for her spell book. Wolf shook her head, her hand on her neck, as she said in between coughs once more.

"...Spells... won't work... it's-..." She suddenly leaned forward and began to cough uo blood onto the ground in front of her. Chaud picked her up asking.

"Then what will?" Wolf didn't answer as she coughed up more blood, this time onto Chaud's shirt. The disguise spell she had put on herself wore off and she regained her normal appearance. A sign she was losing energy, and quickly.

"Lia!" Tsubaki yelled out. Chaud, still holding Wolf, said.

"What the hell?!"

"Damn! This is really not what we need right now!"

"Do you know what's going on yet?

"No... no I don't. And I can't think of anyone who would." There was a moment of silence as Chaud thought as he stood up quickly, leaving Wolf on the ground.

"Naratt... There is someone there who can help." He lowered his hands over Wolf's body once more.

"Bind her soul, let no time flow unless I ask for her to go." He mutters hoping the spell will pause her body. Tsubaki, freaking out a bit said.

"How can we get there? Even the golem's not fast enough!" Chaud shook his head.

"We're only a few miles away. And I'm a percentafe demon. Hop on my back." He bent down and picked wolf up. She shook her head weakly and said.

"I... need my... bag..." She pointed to a cloth bag only a few feet away. Chaud sighed once more and carried her over to it, setting her down on her knees.

"Here." Wolf took the bag and reached into it. Pulling out a few bottled with grounded herbs in them. She also took out a special glass, as her energy began leaving her body with every movement she made. She put certain amounts of each herb into the glass. Then took out a knife and pricked her finger, letting a few drops of her blood fall into the glass. She shakily took a bottle of water and poured a bit of it into the herb mixture. She picked up the glass, some of its content spilling onto the ground, and quickly gulped down the mixture and dropped the glass. She slumped over and said.

"...That... should help." Then she passed out. Chaud shook his head, and picked Wolf back up, laying her body against his back, and his arms under her legs.

"When we wake her up... You're gonna have to beat it into her head that she needs to tell us how to help."

"The problem with Wols is she thinks she doesn't need anyone at all's help."

"The exact opposite of me. I always used to wish for help, but never had anyone helped me... Still, I guess she bought herself some time, so let's start walking." Tsubaki sighed a bit and pulled out a bit of chocolate to make herself fell better. Wolf slept silently, almost lifeless, but her pulse and slow breathing signified she was still alive. They began walking forward and Tsubaki thought for a few moments.

"Well, I think she told me a long time ago about something like this. But when I tried to ask her more about it she kept trying to change the subject."

"What did she say? It might be able to help who we are going to see heal her."

"Well, if I remember correctly, she stated something like this. There is a sickness given to her. She tried many many types of cures and healing magic, but all was is vain. Ummm... Something about a curse given to her... The most she can do about it is just stall it as long as she can. That's all I can remember."

"So... pretty much, an incurable disease or something along those lines?"

"Yeah. By my guesses it was given to her, because of what she IS and because of her curse."

"What is she, and what is her curse? She didn't really go into detail with me about it."

"Wolf drifter is a Wolf Spirit. It is true that Animal Spirits' body is mainly their own soul and an Animal Spirit loses too much energy or part of their soul is taken, a part of their body will begin turning into something else or even disapearing. By what she told me, she has a curse a spirit hunter put on her head before she killed him. It turned her wing slowly, into what it is now, and she only has a certain amount of time to lift the curse. Because every day that passes, more of her soul escapes from that orb."

Chaud nodded slightly. Becoming quiet for several long minutes. Finally his lips part as he voices one of his ideas.

"What ifthe orb is broken? Then her soul would recombine with her soul."

"No. Her soul would just drift away. Nothing more."

"There's one idea down the drain... If she is reincarnated?"

"I don't think that's even near to possible."

"Sorry, I was thinking wrong. Not reincarnated, but completely reanimated... No, that wouldn't work, she'd stillbe a soulless shell. Do you know when she'll meet her 'end'?"


"There is one more option I can think of at the moment... But it's dangerous... For her as well as me."

"What is that. if I may ask."

"I use Ragnorok." The sides of his mouth twiched as he tried to avoid a mournful smile. "Yes, that would be very dangerous for the both of you." Tsubaki said, right before Wolf cried out in her sleep.

" please... make it stop..." She seemed to wince in her sleep as a few tears rolled down her face. Chaud then brushed away Wolf's tears while saying to Tsubaki.

"Have you heard of the Norse legends of Ragnarok?"

"No, I don't believe I have.:

"They describe it as it's own entity, which would bring about the destruction of Norse gods, and with them, the world. Actually, Ragnarok was a powerful magic, which gave it's user great power, but depending on the emount of force that was called from it, it could also be potentially dangerous. If too much energy is used, the person would be too weak to send the forces called to use Ragnarok away again, so they would turn on and destroy the user as well."

"Ahh, I understand."

"The Norse thought this power should only be given to those worthy to weild it, so they hid it, in a place where someone would have to pass many tasks to reach the intructions. Two years ago, and old man and his apprentice succeeded in all of the tasks. But as they approached the last, the old man found he couldn't walk passed. It also recealed a hidden side of him. A demonoid side that had been hidden until he had enough power to terrorize this plane. But it was revealed too soon, by a simple test. The apprentice passed this test, and turned to look at the old man, only to be shocked at what he saw. The old man, which had turned into a demon from the test, had also nearly been killed by it. With his last breath he decided to destroy one last life and face the apprentice a terrible curse. But the apprentice did not realize it, and continued forwards to learn the ways of the Ragnarok."


"Not really." As Chaud replied, an arm slipped and he stooped quickly to catch Wolf before she fell. Resting her gently against his back before continuing to walk.

"The curse gave the apprentice horrible powers. Powers to raise the dead, powers to summon golems with incredible strength. Powers to render people unconsiouse, even dead by his gaze."

"I was just saying wow, about that story." Tsubaki couldn't help but look at Chaud when he explained the apprentice's powers. Chaud smiled at her reassuringly.

"Don't worry. I found a way to control my eye abilities.. I am... was the apprentice."

"I thought so." Chaud laughed.

"So now you know. I was trained by, then cursed by a demon. You hate me now?"

"No. I don't see the sense in that. I know you have a good personality, so I don't hate you. That's like hating Wolf for her curse, which she can't help."

"I know. That's why I want to help her. She has so much she can do if this curse is pulled from her path." Chaud noticed the city was now barely half a mile away, and already looming very high over their heads.

"I've decided to give up my own journey to relieve myself of the necromantic powers. I'd rather help her first."

"Well, that's probably the first selfless thing someone has done for her in years."

"My curse can be kept. Her's has an exiration date. Do you see how I mean?" He adjusted his hold on Wolf to keep her from slipping again. Tsubaki nodded and answered.

"Yes I do... Oh, and try not to make her too angry or upset. That usualy triggers a darker, more primitive part of herself a lot of the time. Just warning ya." Chaud raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"How did she become upset earlier?'

"Her past. It haunts her day and night. She can hardly sleep well anymore because of it."

"She's never tried to cope with it?

"She's tried. But she can't. She murdered her parents... her freinds and sbilings. She saw her lover give his life for her, and die horribly before her eyes. The only person left from that time in her life is a vampire she met back then.

"Well the cope technique is a usefull magic. But for now I think I should teach her to meditate once we revive her... It replenishes one's strength without the need for sleep. No dreams."

"Yes, that would be good for her."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/25/2005 11:12:37 PM): hmm, yes that would be good for her.

tobiasartayle (7/25/2005 11:15:26 PM): he sighs as the reach the city walls, and turns away from the front entrances" We'll have to breach the sheild, or the guards will see her."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/25/2005 11:16:19 PM): oh yeah I almost forgot about that.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 12:28:11 AM): He leads her away from the main path, then instructs her to climb on his back as well" Hold on tight, this may be rough."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 12:43:29 AM): climbs on All right

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 12:47:20 AM): He takes a small breathe, then runs, jumping as he reaches the wall. Right before they slam it, his demonic aura flashes, shattering the barrier for a small moment, and they force into the city, landing on the building.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 12:48:25 AM): is clutching on really tightly, a bit scared

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 12:49:28 AM): ..."You okay back there?" he asks, his shoulders stinging as she grips them.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 12:50:14 AM): Yeah...notices Oh! I'm sorry!

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 12:50:19 AM): lets go

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 12:50:57 AM): he smiles lightly," It's okay, i just have to figure out where this person to help her is."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:01:05 AM): I have no ideas...I would say wake her up, but I don't think she needs that

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:29:50 AM): He sighs" Well, have any other ideas of what we should do? I could try to wipe her mind blank and then wake her up?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:32:55 AM): No...I don't know!

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:48:33 AM): he sighs" Well, I don't know what to do either. You've known known her longer than me, haven't you? She hasn't told you anything that might help her at all?")

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:49:13 AM): No, no. She's...quiet. We might be able to get ahold of her twin tho...

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:49:20 AM): She might know

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:49:35 AM): Shakes his head" but she is supposed to kill her"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:50:15 AM): Well, in real life they're really close. That's where the problem comes in

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:53:42 AM): he nods" Well... I guess i'll intervene if anything happens...where does her sister live?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:54:02 AM): Eh..not sure...

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:54:21 AM): ..."Then why did you suggest it?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:55:36 AM): She travels..hold on pulls a small twig from her pocket and lights it on fire There, that's what she told me to do if Lia was in trouble

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:56:29 AM): he looks from the twig and back to her face." So...then we wait here?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:56:58 AM): Yeah

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:58:01 AM): he sighs and lowers Lia to the ground, then makes a small cot from his sleeping supplies and lays her in it, sitting himself next to it" How long until she gets here?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:58:43 AM): a pair of tigers come running up, one male and one female Tsubaki! What's wrong? the female transforms into a girl who looks...a lot like Lia

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 1:59:37 AM): he stands quickly as they appear, the sides of the Halberd quickly appearing from his cloak and connecting together.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 1:59:56 AM): Well..she collapsed. We don't know what to do

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:00:51 AM): he eyes the second tiger warily" I brought her here to get help from a healing sage, but I don't know how to get there from this part of town, and Tsu told me you could help."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:01:39 AM): Hmm...well all I can think of is that Rinji and I could carry her...

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:01:53 AM): indicating the second tiger

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:02:22 AM): He shakes his head" Lead us where you will to hel her, but I will carry her."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:03:00 AM): I am her twin...I would think I know what's best for her...

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:03:56 AM): A small growl begins pulling it's way through his throat." You may, but that doesn't change the fact that if we are moving her, I will carry her."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:04:24 AM): Why? You don't trust me, perhaps?

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:05:15 AM): He laughs" As of thirty nine hours ago, i've been attacked by two hordes of androids and had her collapse on me. I'm finding it a bit hard to trust people at the moment."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:06:20 AM): rolls eyes Fine. Follow me. transforms into her anthro form and jumps off

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:06:51 AM): Quickly bends and sets her on his back again, then turns to Tsu" you coming?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:07:24 AM): Oh...yeah.. jumps onto his back

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:08:05 AM): Adjusts himself with the two girls on him, then begins running after the two tigers, his halberd still in his left hand.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:11:56 AM): lands and both transform into their human forms Here we are gestures to a small hut Inside lives a gypsy who knows everything about us. If she cannot heal her, no-one can.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:14:46 AM): growls" If she cannot heal her, Ragnarok will, and i will find out where a necromancer spends the afterlife...Lead the way."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:15:49 AM): rolls eyes once more and enters the hut Lady Kanna!

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:16:29 AM): stops at the entrance to let tsu off and whispers to her" If she rolls her eyes again, she isn't going to have any"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:16:29 AM): Yes, child? What is it you seek

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:18:33 AM): Oh, no, you don't want to do that...she may not look it, but she has a lot of strength...not to mention, Rinji's at her side always and will to fight to the death for her...and Lia'll be really pissed off to... (answering toby. LOL)

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:19:39 AM): Cecelia is ill...can you do anything for her, my lady?

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:21:23 AM): Of course, but why do you wish to help her? That will make your battle much easier begins to mix herbs

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:22:44 AM): is silent for a moment, then clenches her fists so tightly she cuts herself How could you even suggest I do that! almost starts to cry and hurries out of the hut

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:23:55 AM): He looks at her as she runs past, then back to the Lady"I'm glad for their concerns for each other...but how can they be so close, with their destiny as it is?" he says, more to the whole hut than just her.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:25:49 AM): rinji answers this time Well, they were best friends growing up, before they knew of the prophesy...the bonds forged have proven to be extremly hard to if you'll excuse me I have to go find my wife...

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:25:54 AM): he leaves(

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:26:17 AM): He waits until Rinji walks out, then turns back to Tsu" Wife?!"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:27:24 AM): Eh.. yeah..did I forget to mention that Rinji and Sapph are married? eh heh heh heh...

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:28:26 AM): He sighs, then looks over to the gypsy" Is the cure ready?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:28:57 AM): Yes my child. Is there anything else you need?

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:30:45 AM): He shrugs" A cure for a necromancy curse, but thats too much to ask for in most places." He sets Lia down so she can be given the herb mixture."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:33:23 AM): Well...there is something...that will help...digs in a chest Here. Always keep this with you, and it will help keep your powers in check. hands Tobey a small blood-red stone It won't do much, but it is all I can offer

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:34:12 AM): He smiles" Thanks, that will help until I can get to cerves peak. Now lets get lia fixed up."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:35:07 AM): Yes of course. pours the liquid into Lia's mouth

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:35:38 AM): He holds her steady while the medicine is being fed into her, then looks up at Kanna" how long until she wakes?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:36:40 AM): It varies between people. The longest it may take is two hours

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:37:50 AM): as soon, as all the medicine is down her throaght. her eyes opened. she grunted slightly ...ow...

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:38:23 AM): He suddenly lets out a barklike laugh" After everything, you say ow?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:40:24 AM): he heh sits up and rotates her arms well, my body is a bit sore, but I'm ok her wings spread out behind her and strech out then fold against her back again

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:41:20 AM): shakes his head" Of course your body is sore, I've had to carry you this entire way. Let's go find your sister, i have to thank her before we get going."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:43:01 AM): nod ok, I don't think she'll be too hard to find.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:44:01 AM): An eyebrow raies" Why is that? Also, I'm surprised you aren't shocked at all by any of this."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:46:09 AM): heh, well, I've grown used to things like this. now I shall contact Sapph from here. doesn't seem to focus to hard as she sends a telepathic message to sapphire -hey sapph. come back to the hut please? Toby and myself need to thank you-

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:46:45 AM): sighs and sits down, his eyes glazing over as he waits for Saphh to return.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:47:50 AM): -Sure- quickly appears in the hut dashing tears from her face, Rinji close behind You called?

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:49:17 AM): Looks down at his arm, then pulls his sleeve down farther, covering the burned looking skin" Yes, I wanted to thank you..for helping."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:50:30 AM): You're welcome. -hey sis did you tell him to say thanks?- (joking)

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:51:32 AM): laughs and shakes head now lightly well, thank you Sapph. I hope to see you again sometime.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:53:36 AM): smiles for the first time Well, bye then. c'mon, koi

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:54:15 AM): yeah, see ya... "koi-kun" says to rinji teasing him STILL from years ago

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:54:52 AM): STOP IT! Why do you always have to call me that!? follows sapph

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:56:01 AM): chuckles slightly

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:56:37 AM): He looks from one to the other" What was that about?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:57:26 AM): heh, just an old joke, between in-laws.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 2:57:52 AM): He shrugs" Ah" Stands" so, are you feeling better now?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 2:59:25 AM): nods yeah. notices something then takes the fingerless glove off of her right hand wow, even the mark is gone. looks at her hand then puts to glove somewhere

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:01:49 AM): He raises an eyebrow again, something he may be doing very often now" What mark?" The remembers his own newly inflicted mark and raises a hand to make sure it is covered

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:03:28 AM): oh, I had a black mark on my right hand, for allowing myself to transform intoy my darker self, and cutting my hand on a dark sword, AND using my strongest dark energy blast with a cut hand.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:08:26 AM): He nods" oh, is that all?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:09:00 AM): yeah. Nothing big. aside it was all in the same day.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:10:44 AM): but that's beside the point... So no what?

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:11:08 AM): he shrugs" I'm not sure what to do at the moment. i

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:11:24 AM): 'd like to find out more about this prophecy."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:12:27 AM): you... what? Did I hear you right?

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:13:44 AM): He nods" Tsu and I had a talk. I'll get myself free from my curse after I get you free from yours."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:14:53 AM): you really willig to spend that much time on me?

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:15:28 AM): Laughs" It's not like I have anything else to do."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:16:59 AM): I'm just surprised someone is willing to do something like that for me.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:17:28 AM): He looks over at her" why not?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:18:12 AM): ehh, the last people who were willing to help me... well it didn't end well...

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:18:49 AM): Smiles" Well, my life hasn't been peaches and cream, at least I'll know I could help before I left."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:20:39 AM): does that involve gay people or actual fruit?

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:21:00 AM): Tsubaki!

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:22:37 AM): raors with laughter" The actual fruit, never had a peach myself."He shivers afterwards" But there was a gay man who once requested for an overfriendly skeleton."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:23:18 AM): tries not to die laughing

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:24:19 AM): he smiles and winks at them" Course, i ran very quickly... didn't think it appropriate to stay."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:24:38 AM): laughs

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:25:50 AM): ..."Course then there was the time I met the fairy in the forest. I asked him if he was a fairy as well as being a fairy...He didn't like that too much, and I had to run quick-like from there too."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:26:35 AM): suddenly bursts out laughing hard

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:27:13 AM): smiles at them both, then stretches a bit.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:27:34 AM): ..."Well, enough of my "fairy" tales, shall we be heading out?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:28:08 AM): chokes with laughter yes...yes giggle i guess so..

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:29:00 AM): yeah wipes away tears from laughing hard man, it's been quite some time since someone made me laugh that hard.

tobiasartayle (7/27/2005 3:29:49 AM): He laughs"Yeah, we'll need smiles alot where we are going." Then he turns back" Just don't laugh,'cause then we'll get caught."

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:30:42 AM): yeah I now.

shadowdemonkikkyou (7/27/2005 3:30:52 AM): nods

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:38:10 PM): Yeah, I guess you're right about that. is still smiling

tobiasnicolae (9/12/2005 6:38:56 PM): He stretches again, then smiles" So, are you guys ready to meet my partner in crime?" he asks, his eyes glinting.

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:41:17 PM): partner in crime...? is a tad confused

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:41:28 PM): huh?

tobiasnicolae (9/12/2005 6:41:46 PM): he laughs" Do you think i could have gotten every single police outfit in the city after me alone?"

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:43:24 PM): he's got a point there.

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:43:50 PM): yeah, good point.

tobiasnicolae (9/12/2005 6:44:42 PM): he laughs and bends down" Ok, hop on, so we can get there, it's halfway across the city."

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:45:26 PM): hmm. jumps on

shadowdemonkikkyou (9/12/2005 6:45:37 PM): ok. gets on as well

tobiasnicolae (9/12/2005 6:47:35 PM): Kicks off, running quickly through the streets. He reaches the base of a building and jumps to the roof, the up to another building. He hits that roof and takes off across the roofs, heading towards the city's central building.