My breathing is heavy,

My heart is pounding.

I sit here ready,

Soon will be our time.

You walk in the room,

And we begin to kiss.

Evaporating the gloom,

That has hung over my head.

The passion grows stronger,

As I hold you in my arms.

I can't hold out much longer,

The passion takes control of me.

Before long we are making love,

Our bodies joined in perfect union.

Overhead, there flies a dove,

Through the sky of fireworks.

Too soon the sun rises,

We hold each other and watch.

The flame inside blazes,

For the love we have sought.

Our passion burns strong,

It burns with great might.

It lasts ever long,

No matter what we do.

Our love does not end,

It goes on and on forever.

Our love does not bend,

Or break into pieces.

Our love shines bright,

Like the noonday sun.

Our love grows each night,

Under the light of the Moon.

The Moon and the Stars,

Shine bright in the sky.

They are all yours,

To have, for all time.

You now have the Moon,

And the Stars and my love.

These will never be gone,

But with you forever.

Now this poem I close,

But please remember:

I love you my dear,

Forever and ever.

AN: This is not originally mine. My loving fiancée wrote this for me and I altered it just a bit – just deleting a few stanzas because of contents. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I love reading it. This version minus a few more stanzas will be our vows. Please R & R