Life as we know it!

Chapter 2

By: Tetsuya Hurley

Swoosh, bam, wam hitting the tennis ball down the tennis field. There he was moving up and down, left and right on the tennis field, downy her fling everywhere and sweat running down his torso. "Justin" Mark says lying on the bed. "What" says Tara with funny look on her face. "Oh nothing just thinking…" says Mark with a dazed face.

"Dud lets get out of the house, I want to go to the mall and walk and talk and stuff" says Jason with a boring face. "Yeah totally it's boring" says Ryan with a mimicking face. "We all know you both just want to go to the mall to pick up girls" says Mark laughing right along with Tara. "I don't why they do it we also know that they never get any attention". "People that's not the point, the point is were hot and hot guys need hot babes" Jason says with an embarrassed face. "Yeah totally" says Ryan.

"Sometimes I think you guys are joined at the hip, you to would make a perfect couple." Says Mark with a surprised face "you two always agree over everything". "No we don't" they both say at the same time." They look at each other with a more than surprised face. "I rest my case" Mark says with a smug face. "Let's go people, and were off" says Mark with an adventurous face. Wow what I said must have really thrown them off their rocker, better improvise Mark thinks.

"Hey so you guys what's up with sports?" says Mark, they looked at me then looked at each other and turned their heads. Guess I'll try again mark thinks to his self, "So what's up with you and girls have you guys got any?" says Mark with a now annoyed face. "Nothing as usual" says Jason with a casual face. I guess they saw how annoyed I was because they started talking. "Yeah, Nothing much" reply's Ryan with a sorta chilled face.

"Time to go to the mall!" says Mark with an exciting face. (At the mall). "So people what's new how's it hanging what the 411?" says Tara with a happy go lucky smile. "Nothing muc…OWWW" says Mark with a angry face, "Watch were your going jer…" then Mark stops and just stares. "Sorry dud I was my fault I totally ran into you!" says Justin with a sorry face "Oh hi you're that kid that's always at my games thanks for your support Hi my names…".Justin yes I know" Mark says cutting him off. In a surprised face "I guess you do know me nice" he says with a warm smile and leaves.

End chapter2