Chapter One

Rachael Adamson was late. Very very late for a Christmas party her best friend Katherine, also known as Kat, Sanchez was hosting this year. She quickly stepped out of the car, into the cold weather and practically ran into the grocery store. She couldn't go to a party with out bringing food or anything for that matter.

She grabbed a shopping basket and went down all the different aisles. She didn't know what to bring. What do you bring to a Christmas party? Eggnog? No, too gross. Kat, the excellent cook that she was, probably made turkey, ham, and other side dishes that went with them. What were the other guests bringing? Maybe she should bring some dessert. Even though, other guests would probably bring some. Ice cream. Yeah, she should bring some ice cream.

She went to the ice cream aisle and was looking at all the different kinds of ice cream. "You know," said a voice to her right. "This is the hard part, choosing the right ice cream." She looked to her left to see who was speaking to her.

There was a tall man and he was very easy looking on the eyes. His blond hair was cut business man short. His eyes were a beautiful green color and a sense of liveliness shined out of them. He smiled at Rachael, showing that he had dimples. Was the guy perfect or what?

"Damn," he muttered to himself, shaking his head. "To get her attention I talk about ice cream. Ice cream of all things."

Rachael frowned at the handsome stranger. He was distracting her from the task at hand, finding ice cream for the party.

"Yeah, you probably think I'm some lunatic," he said, "sorry." He then started to walk away.

Rachael stared at his retreating form. For some reason, she didn't want him to leave. It didn't matter that she was running late. "Strawberry," she called after him. He stopped and looked at her. "I like strawberry ice cream."

He grinned and started walking towards her again. "Strawberry is good, but chocolate is better."

She smiled back at him. "That's your opinion."

"True, but I like it better than yours." Rachael gave him an uncertain smile. He held out his hand and she shook it. "Chad Benjamin."

"Rachael Adamson." They released hands.

Rachael went back to looking at the ice cream. She opened the freezer and took out chocolate ice cream. "I thought you liked strawberry better," Chad said.

"I do," she said. "But this isn't for me. It's for a party I'm about to go to."

"Ah," he said, "a Christmas party I suppose?"

Rachael laughed. "How did you ever guess?"

He sighed and faked pondering. "It could be all the Christmas lights up, the crappy cold weather, or maybe it's the cute little penguin cardboard decorations displayed above the freezers with blue and white striped scarves around their necks."

She laughed at his cute antics and he smiled at her, showing off his dimples. Her laugher soon quietly subsided and curiosity overcame her. The way she was acting was so not like her. She was never comfortable at flirting, but she was doing it with ease with the guy. Why was she being so friendly with someone she just met? Why did she even give him her name?

He opened his mouth as if to speak, but was interrupted all of a sudden. "Chad," said a voice down on the other side of the aisle.

They both looked down it and there was a man standing there, giving Chad an impatient look. He had short black hair and dark brown eyes. "What Joe?" he called out to him.

He lifted two packs of beers that were held in his hands. "Got what we came here for. Hurry the hell up!"

Chad nodded and the man named Joe walked away. "We came here to get something for a party too. I should be going," he said to Rachael.

Rachael turned her attention back to him. "Yeah, me too," she said.

They both quietly made their way to the cash registers. Chad's friend was already done paying and was making his way out the exit doors. "See you later," Chad said. He gave Rachael one last smile before going in the same direction his friend went.

"Hopefully," Rachael whispered to herself. She had a feeling of disappointment as she watched him walk away. He was acting all nice and friendly to her, but was that it. He came up to her and was flirting shamelessly. Did he want to ask her out? Did she want him to ask her out for a date?

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts of what seemed to be on one of the only perfect men she have ever met. She bought her chocolate ice cream and then quickly made her way to her car. She was way past fashionably late for the party.