Chapter Two

By the time Rachael walked into Kat's apartment, she was over an hour late. The house was filled with a few people that she knew and mostly didn't know. As she walked towards the kitchen, she waved to those that she knew. Inside the kitchen, Kat was sitting at a table.

Rachael and Kat knew each other since they were in grade school. Both were the same age, 20, and went to the community college nearby together. Kat had tanned skin-she was obsessed with the tanning beds-dark brown hair with blonde highlights, and hazel colored eyes. She was outgoing and never afraid to speak what was on her mind, unlike quiet and conservative Rachael.

"There you are," she exclaimed, getting up off her seat and moving towards the island. "Where the hell were you? What's with the ice cream?"

"It's what I bought," Rachael said, putting the ice cream in the freezer. Kat gave her an aren't we a little too old for ice cream at an adult party look. "What? I like ice cream. Anyways, I was helping Matt out and then went to the store."

"Oh," Kat said, "that's just a polite way of saying working overtime. OVERTIME! Remind me to have a little chat with him about keeping you at work late."

Dr. Matt Erickson was the owner of Kaisers Veterinary Clinic and Rachael's boss. The vet clinic was small and had only a few people working there. She was working there as an assistant and secretary. They really needed to hire more people, everybody (five people total) had to share shifts and work overtime.

Rachael laughed. "Your chatting with him won't do anything, but it may bust his eardrums."

"Raaachaaaeeelllll," she yelled, shaking her friend. "Be nice."

"Who needs to be nice?" said a voice behind them. Both girls looked towards the doorway and saw Kat's boyfriend, Phillip.

Phillip was just a few shy inches of six feet tall. He was lean, had messy hair, and expressive dark brown eyes. He was quite cute.

"Rachael," said Kat as she went into his arms and gave him a kiss. "She is being mean to me."

"Oh really," he said. Kat nodded. "Damn. And I thought she was the one telling you to be nice. I wouldn't mind teaching you a lesson." He smirked and slapped her butt.

"Ewww," said a grossed out Rachael while covering her eyes. "You two are hurting my eyes."

They both laughed and kissed one more time before untangling themselves from each other. "See you in the living room," Phillip said before leaving the kitchen.

Kat looked at her friend, searching for something. "Are you feeling okay today, Rach?"

"Yes. Why?"

"You just seem different…more playful or something." She snapped her fingers. "Who did you met? Spill it!"

"I didn't meet anyone," she said, unconsciously turning away from Kat and hiding her red face.

"Bull. Why can't you just tell me," Kat whined. "I'd tell you if I meet a guy."

Rachael shook her head. "You are trying to make me feel guilty. It's not going to work."

"Please." She gave Rachael her best puppy eyes.

"There was no one."


A group of people walked into the kitchen and said hello to Kat. Rachael took that as an opportunity to get away and crept out of the kitchen. "Hey!" Kat called behind her. Rachael mentally cursed at herself.

"I met no one." She tried to walk a littler faster to get away, but people were blocking the way.

"Please. Come on. Just tell me." Rachael shook her head. "Fine, you'll do it sooner or later," Kat said before walking away to find Phillip, leaving her alone for now.

Rachael sighed, that was too easy. But she knew that sometime later that night, Kat will find and start bugging her again. Kat didn't give up that easily.

Later that night, Rachael found herself in the bathroom with Kat. Of course, she didn't want to be in there while her best friend was puking her guts out, but Phillip was pasted out on the couch and she was the only sober person left. So, it was her job in taking care of her friend. She held Kat's hair back and gently rubbed her back. When Kat was finished, she got up and went to the sink.

"God, I still feel horrible," she groaned.

"Perhaps you shouldn't have drunk so much," Rachael said. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub, watching her friend brush her teeth. "Or at all for that matter."

Her friend mumbled something while brushing her teeth. She spit and said, "Shut up."

Rachael smiled. "I guess I'll go home now." She stood up to leave.

"Wait," yelled Kat. She run in front of the bathroom door, blocking Rachael's way out.


"You still have to tell me."

"Can't I do that tomorrow? I'm tired."

Kat shook her head and gave her friend an evil smirk. "Faster you talk, the faster you get to leave."

"Seriously, you need to grow up," Rachael said.

"I will after you tell me."


"I'm your friend. We're supposed to tell each other things, especially if it's about a guy."

Rachael sighed, getting a little annoyed by Kat's unrelenting behavior. "Fine, you win. I met a guy while getting the ice cream. The end."

"That can't be it," Kat said. "You were glowing earlier. He must have said something to you."

Rachael blushed. "Umm….he was flirting I guess…about ice cream…."

Kat gave her a strange look. "Ooookay. Name?"

"Chad Benjamin."

"Hot scale of one to ten."

"Kat," Rachael laughed while blushing.

"Come on, girl. Do tell me."

"Umm…eight, I guess. But I'll add two more points for his personality."

"How so?"

"He's funny and he's so outgoing that it makes me feel comfortable…you know."

Kat nodded in understanding. "Now I have to meet him."

Rachael laughed. "Sure. Can I go now or are you not done with the third degree?"

"I'm completely done and satisfied. We'll go to the grocery store some time, find Mr. Wonderful, and have you two hook up in no time."

Rachael laughed and shook her head. "See you."

Kat moved out of her way and she left the bathroom. She walked passed a pasted out Phillip, who was drooling quiet unattractively, on the couch. Walking to her car, she remembered about what Kat said about finding "Mr. Wonderful." I doubt he would remember me, she thought, disappointment filling her. A guy like him should already have the perfect girlfriend. She started the car up and headed home for a good nights rest, for she had work tomorrow.

What Rachael didn't know was the Chad Benjamin did remember her. He remembered her shy smile and laughter. He too was hoping to see her again. But what they both didn't know was that they would meet soon and in the same place, the ice cream aisle of the grocery store.

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