By Kaeran'Mishaerth Arzentama


hadows fell across the bloodied plain. A cold wind blew, disturbing the rotting corpses scattered across the field. A lone figure rose from the dark grass. His eyes were like silver fire, his skin was dark as night and blades dripping with blood . . . . …


Kaeran'Mishaerth Arzentama slowly stirred from his vision. As always, his brother was running towards him, shouting his name and interrupting his vision. Nytarian soon came to a stop before Kaer's seeing stone.

"Kaer, did you have it again?"

"The vision of your past. . . . "

"Which one? "

"The Battlefield"

"Yes, it was a vision of that day.. .. .. "

Kaer stood and walked towards the forest. He remembered the day Chaos chose him as its guardian, how the world was nearly overrun by a demon horde unleashed by Lord Na'Caran, servant of the Shadowed One. Then came the battle. His brother Nytarian had become possessed by one of the Demon Lords, and he was forced to...what was it he had to do? "Why do I have to be cursed to survive? To wait eternally on the stone in the center of Time's stream, and watch as it flows past me and carries away those I know and love. "

"It is thy duty as the Guardian, it is thy destiny."

"and YOU! "Kaer whirls about, coming face to face with his brother.

"How dare thee come to me in my brother's shape. He is long dead, slain by my own hand in that battle long ago. I know thee for a shade, for am I not Nightshadow! Is that not what my name means? I see shades and shadows, wights and wraiths, and I know them for what they truly are."

Kaer slowly unsheathed his scimitars. They glowed with an eerie blue fire in the dark night. "Kiré Thalim neá Kiraketh! Thalimaré eta Naréna Kaziren!"

Kaer's scimitars flared brightly as he cut a fiery cross into the shade's chest. 'Nytarian' flew backward into a nearby tree, erupted into silver flames, and was gone.

Kaeran'Mishaerth turned and slowly walked towards the stone, tears coming unbidden to his eyes.

Kaer stumbled across the corpse filled field. With every step his dark aura strengthened. His silver eyes burned brighter and shadows of draconic wings drifted behind him. Soon he came to a stop, amidst the piles of corpses, at a large stone covered in archaic runes.

Kaer fell to his knees, his voice filled with pain, "Nytarian, brother, I have failed thee." Kaer's eyes flared bright with a demonic fire, "But I shall not fail again!" Kaer stood and withdrew the ancient broadsword Naer'mirankeh, and raised it towards the sky.

"I who once was Kaeran'Mishaerth Arzentama, the Guardian of Chaos, am now and shall forevermore be Brisingaerin, Dark Protector, Holy Destroyer!"

Suddenly, a great change came over him. His sword burned with silver fire, and he was covered in the Dark Armor of the Ancients(not a physical armor but a power that serves as one). Midnight black draconic wings materialized upon his back. His whole demeanor changed. He began as a grief-stricken warrior , but soon became like a battle hardened warlord, fierce and powerful, His aura grew to such strength, that his very presence caused the strongest demon to quiver in fear, and the most powerful King to bow before his feet and swear fealty to him and his cause.

The Earth beneath him began to tremble. They were moving beneath the earth towards the surface. Brisingaerin turned towards the east as a great fire erupted from the earth.

The Hordes have returned. . . .

"So it begins. . . ."

When Shadow and Light

join once more,

And Guardian's Light reborn.

Shall an Ancient Evil Stir,

And a warrior rise once more