A/N: This is a true story of a funny experience at school that left me snickering. I still tease these guys about it, but we're pretty good friends, they don't mind...I just hope they never read this...^_^ But I hope you do, and REVIEW it too!

Sarcastic Teachers

Have you ever had a particularly annoying teacher? What made them annoying? Did it always seem like they were watching you're every move and breathing down your neck? Did they always assign homework and get agitated when you need help? Or was it one of the least favorites, those loud and obnoxious teachers who make rude comments? I have had an encounter with the model of obnoxious teachers before, and I had to say, I enjoyed it. No, they weren't bugging me about everything or yelling at me for putting a hamster in the teachers purse ( Which, by the way, I DID NOT DO). They just made a sarcastic witty comment, you know, the kind teachers are really good at making, and left us with a joke we can tease our new friends about for as long as we know them. To tell you my story, I'd have to go to the beginning of the year, but I won't go into details.

Maybe it was just fate that me and my best friend got stuck sitting by Eric, Jorge and Mark for lunch on the first day of school. Maybe it was just coincidence. Or, maybe God feels that my lunch hour should be full of the feeling of impending doom. That's what I thought when I had to sit with these guys, me and Sarah listening dully as they argued about Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. We would joke with them and call them dorks, to which no one but Mark really cared, but we didn't realize these would be our permanent seats for the rest of the year.

We went on teasing them for the next few months, probably me more than Sarah, until finally we, (or probably just me) realized that they were actually human. I learned Jorge's middle name, and having past with that name ( not mentioned here), started chanting, "EMILIO!". I found out who they had a crush on and teased them about it, until finally at the end of the lunch period sneaking over to the "Intended" and pretended to tell them while the guys watched in horror. I was really only talking about her new shoes.

Well, these guys love to slap each other around. They're almost inseparable, and in all of each other's classes. They love to argue and joke around, which is why I refer to them as the Three Stooges, and they take that as a compliment. Well, one day they had a big row over who was better, Goku or Vegeta. They even asked me, and of course I said Vegeta, because he has that cool pink shirt that says "Bad Man" on it. ^_^ But, back to the topic, they found this as the most important discussion EVER. In the hallways, Jorge ran in front of Eric and Mark to talk to his friend, but Eric and Mark continued to bicker. They started to hit one another with their hands when the teacher walked by. This is probably the most obnoxious and loudest teacher I have seen in the school. While me and Sarah watched on in confusion, the teacher turned to us and said loud enough for Eric and Mark to hear "Are they dating?" Well, Sarah, Mark, Eric, Jorge, and I were the only ones who heard it, and Sarah and I erupted with laughter at Eric and Mark.

I protested while Mark said I was laughing at him, but he said that since I was snickering and saying his name every few minutes, I was officially laughing at him. Oh well, I still crack up. I tease them about it, and they still get a little hot, but it's all intended as a joke, they know. I guess the main point of this story is the fact that sometimes, no matter what a teachers attitude, they still might prove useful for breathing down your neck - or getting you some new friends. Now I find myself watching some of the shows they do (not Pokemon), and we chat a lot, too. I look forward to the lunch period now, instead of dreading it, and it is no longer impending doom. It's just me, with my real, true friends.