Rest in Peace

Here you are,

More alive than you ever were in life.

Here you are,

Warmer to the touch, here in death.

The cold frown you wore,

Is replaced with a peaceful smile.

Are you happy now?

Will you miss us?

And here you are,

Like a jagged rock; beaten smooth by the tides.

An hour ago,

I saw your face, smiling;

For the first time.

And you told me, about all the things you hated.

And you calmly took my hand in yours,

A gentle squeeze, and you told me you were happy.

For the first time,

You lied to me.

Saying it was going to be alright,

Saying we'd be up all night.

I reach and trace your cold lips.

And my knees are warm, kneeling in your blood.

A hot liquid fills my eyes, and I kiss your torn wrists.

And I know that now,

For the first time,

You are truly happy.