Hard City Liquor

White skin flashing harshly from the shadows,
Neon lights iridescent against formless bodies.
Red lips murmuring somewhere in the night,
Stale laughter echoing off a pious street light.

The world spins faster when it's sitting still,
The night gets brighter when the stars die.
Years whirls faster as seconds slow down,
Hot electric eyes peer from a thorny crown.

Pulsing music reverberating from the walls,
Cigarette smoke hazing into the musty air.
A gentle touch that can't be traced to a hand,
Mingling with the taste of sweet, sinful demand.

Some night gets dimmer when filled with light,
The world stops breathing when it gasps for more.
Time stops ticking when it's really just starting,
Life begins for real when it's time for parting.

Intoxicated with the stench of hard city liquor…

Not that good... but I tried :D