Four years one month and one day

I feel like have been kept awake

It seems like I have been betrayed

By these supposed members of family

It's that siring pain when I force back a tear

That's my tender tangent year

I've fallen to the edge of my pseudo stability

Palisades pen but never hold me

Four years one month and one day

My fathers paid for a daughter he can't see

And each dollar is repaid with scars upon me

You think his words are meant to kill my destiny

I'm not so easy to persuade as I was once

When was barely more than a babe

What he did to me cannot be undone

But with my forgiveness can fade

Four years one month and one day

I've lived under a roof of shadows

Always aching for something I can't achieve

As if I'm but I child of bellows

You can't kill me for being my father's child

And I will never give up on our love

I know his life his mind he's wild

But what we have you can't have undone